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Bill Nye, Science Leave Creationists Unconvinced

February 5, 2014

Lana Bellamy, The Daily Independent

Feb. 05--ASHLAND -- Reaffirmed belief in creationism appears to be the consensus from audience members at 1733 Winchester Ave. following the Evolutionalism vs. Creationism debate between Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and Creation Museum owner Ken Ham.

Though neither Ham nor Nye are professional debaters, the two squared off at the Creation Museum in Petersburg to present their views on the origins of life for a live audience both at the museum and through online streaming on

At least three local venues registered online for access to the live stream and had screenings free of charge and open to the public at Unity Baptist Church, 1733 on Winchester Avenue and Grace Church of the Nazarene Tuesday night.

Both Grace Church of the Nazarene and 1733 Winchester saw attendance numbering at least 50; Unity Baptist estimating an audience of around 100.

After two and a half hours of debate, Diana Thompson said her belief in creationism was reaffirmed, not only by Ham's arguments, but also by Nye's unsatisfactory rebuttals.

"I think that Bill Nye showed he was very unprepared because he doesn't know anything about what's in the Bible," she said.

Judy Robinson and Janet Chatfield also agreed their creationism beliefs were reaffirmed by the debate, a win Ham seemed to secure by his simple arguing methods.

"He stuck with the basics. He said, 'Read the book.' Read the book and it's all right there," Robinson said.

Chatfield concurred, saying, "I believe you're supposed to take the Bible literally from beginning to end. Like he (Ham) said, God inspired the people who wrote it."

The short version of both arguments can be simply understood as Ham believes in the origins outlined by the Bible and Nye believes in origins outlined by physical evidence understood through scientific methods, but the debaters presented complex explanations.

It was the point brought up by Nye about the accuracy concerning natural dating methods and Ham's rebuttal that intrigued Thompson.

Ham presented a slide listing several different methods currently used in scientific dating processes, claiming 90 percent of them were inaccurate.

"The dating methods are not proved to be 100 percent accurate in themselves, and that disproves what Bill Nye said totally," she said, considering the scientist relied heavily on numerical data to support Earth's age scientifically versus Earth's age biblically.

While neither debater wanted to leave a question unanswered Tuesday night, Robinson said it is OK to admit humans may never truly be able to explain through science or religion how the universe works.

"There's things we don't understand, but we don't have the mind of Christ; we'll never understand some things," she said.

The debate at the Creation Museum sold out its 900-seat auditorium in minutes and aired via live online streaming through more than 800,000 sources.


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