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Combine Solicitation - D-- Wired Phone Services

February 4, 2014

Notice Type: Combine Solicitation

Posted Date: 03-FEB-14

Office Address: Department of Veterans Affairs;Veterans Benefits Administration;555 Willard Ave;Newington, CT 06111

Subject: D-- Wired Phone Services

Classification Code: D - Information technology services, including telecommunications services

Solicitation Number: VA101V14Q0246

Contact: Jay E WatsonContracting Officer 860-666-7337 [Contracting Officer's Email Address]

Setaside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small BusinessService-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Description: Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Center for Acquisition Innovation (Washington)

VA CAI Washington

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.(ii) The solicitation number is VA301-14-Q-0246 and the solicitation is issued as a request for quotation (RFQ).

(iii) A statement that the solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-70. The full text of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations supplement (VAAR) can be accessed on the Internet at (FAR) and (VAAR)

(iv) This solicitation is issued as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business set-aside. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 517110, and the size standard is 500 employees.

(v) This requirement consists of the following line items:


0001 Contract Period: Base

POP Begin: 02/13/2014

POP End: 02/12/2015

Wired Phone Service 12.00 MO __________________ __________________

1001 Contract Period: Option 1

POP Begin: 02-13-2015

POP End: 02-12-2016

Wired Phone Service 12.00 MO __________________ __________________

2001 Contract Period: Option 2

POP Begin: 02-13-2016

POP End: 02-12-2017

Wired Phone Service 12.00 MO __________________ __________________

3001 Contract Period: Option 3

POP Begin: 02-13-2017

POP End: 02-12-2018

Wired Phone Service 12.00 MO __________________ __________________

4001 Contract Period: Option 4

POP Begin: 02-13-2018

POP End: 02-12-2019

Wired Phone Service 12.00 MO __________________ __________________

GRAND TOTAL __________________

(vi) The following solicitation lists Wired Phone Services that have been found to meet the Government's needs.

(vii) The service will be delivered to Newington, CT 06111.

(viii) A statement that the provision at 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors -- Commercial, applies to this acquisition.

(ix) 52.212-2, Evaluation -- Commercial Items, applies to this solicitation. The government will evaluate each line item IAW FAR 25 - Foreign Acquisition and use the following evaluation criteria in this solicitation:

1. Delivery

(x) Please include a completed copy of the provision at 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications -- Commercial Items, with your offer or ensure it has been completed as part of your registration.

(xi) 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions -- Commercial Items, applies to this acquisition.

(xii) 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required To Implement Statutes Or Executive Orders -- Commercial Items, applies to this acquisition and the following FAR clauses cited in the clause are applicable to the acquisition: 52.204-10, 52.209-6, 52.219-27, 52.219-28, 52.222-3, 52.222-19, 52.222-21, 52.222-26, 52.222-36, 52.223-16, 52.223-18, 52.225-3(ii), 52.225-13, 52.232-33, 52.222-51, 52.222-17.

(xiii) The following additional contract requirement(s) or terms and conditions (such as contract financing arrangements or warranty requirements) apply to this solicitation: FAR 52.217-3 EVALUATION EXCLUSIVE OF OPTIONS (APR 1984), FAR 52.217-8 OPTION TO EXTEND SERVICES (NOV 1999), FAR 52.217-9 OPTION TO EXTEND THE TERM OF THE CONTRACT (MAR 2000), FAR 52.232-18 AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS (APR 1984), FAR 52.232-19 AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS FOR THE NEXT FISCAL YEAR (APR 1984), FAR 237-1 SITE VISIT (FAR 52.237-3 CONTINUITY OF SERVICES (JAN 1991), VAAR 852.203-70 COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING(JAN 2008), VAAR 852.211-70 SERVICE DATA MANUALS (NOV 1984), VAAR 852.211-73 BRAND NAME OR EQUAL (JAN 2008), VAAR 852.219-10 VA NOTICE OF TOTAL SERVICE-DISABLED VETERAN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE (DEC 2009), VAAR 852.237-70 CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITIES (APR 1984), VAAR 852.246-70 GUARANTEE(JAN 2008), VAAR 852.246-71 INSPECTION(JAN 2008), and VARR 852.273-74 AWARD WITHOUT EXCHANGES (JAN 2003).

(xiv) The Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) is not applicable to this acquisition.

(xv) RESPONSES ARE DUE Monday February 13, 2014 at 3:00 PM eastern standard time (EST). Electronic offers will ONLY be accepted; submit quotation to - Jay Watson, Contracting Specialist, email:


(xvi) Please address questions to Jay Watson, Contracting Specialist, email:



Title of Project: FY14 Telecommunication Local Services

1. Scope of Work: The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish the deliverables described in the statement of work (SOW), except as may otherwise be specified. Contractor is to provide services to perform (Feb 13, 2014 - Feb 12, 2015). The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish services. The deliverables described in the SOW, except as may otherwise be specified. The C&A requirements do not apply, and a Security Accreditation Package is not required. VA Staff will be onsite and monitoring the contractor's performance and ensure that VA sensitive information is protected.

Services include 24/7 and 2-4 hour response time.

Contractor's work and performance will be monitored and evaluated for compliance while onsite.

2. Background: This contract (Feb 13, 2014 - Feb 12, 2015)is to insure that the Hartford Regional Office has recurring voice and data services to include all of the proposed services as indicated in the full annual statement of work for contract award. The contractor must possess the expertise, security, support desk functions, and knowledge of the VA infrastructure and architecture. The need for a prompt response for recurring voice and data services due to an outage or scheduled activation is critical to support quality services.

3. Performance Period: The period of performance for this SOW is Feb 13, 2014 - Feb 12, 2015. Work at the government site shall not take place on Federal holidays or weekends unless directed by the Contracting Officer (CO).

4. Type of Contract: Firm-Fixed-Price

5. Place of Performance: The service area is the Department of Veterans Affairs Hartford Regional Office located at 555 Willard Ave, Newington, CT


1. Voice and Data Telecom Services Overview

This Statement of Work (SOW) sets forth the roles and responsibilities of the Parties for the Voice and Data telecommunications services ("Voice and Data Services") provided under as part of the Services. Voice and Data Telecom Services are the Services and activities, as further detailed in this SOW, required to provide and support the Department of Veterans Affairs, Hartford Regional Office and all supported tenant areas. Contractor is responsible for the full provisioning, engineering, operations and administration of current and emerging Voice and Data Telecom Services including but not limited to the following Services:

-Voice Network:

Local Service (dial tone)

Intrastate Long Distance Data (e.g. private line, public switched)

Inbound toll-free (Dedicated & Switched)

2. Service Objectives

The following are the key high-level Service objectives Contractor shall ensure the Hartford Regional Office and all supported tenant areas achieves through Voice and Data Telecom Services:

" Meet the Hartford Regional Office and all supported tenant areas business needs for highly available, scalable, reliable, and secure Voice and Data Telecom Services

" Provide Voice and Data Telecom Services with features and functions that meet End-User needs and at the Hartford Regional Office and all supported tenant areas business requirements maintaining all current analog(25) and digital(250) lines

" Provide Services that can leverage operational scale and best practices to achieve optimum commercial price performance

" Provide administrative, operational and management support


Any changes to this SOW shall be authorized and approved only through written correspondence from the CO. A copy of each change will be kept in a project folder along with all other products of the project. Costs incurred by the contractor through the actions of parties other than the CO shall be borne by the contractor.


Hartford Regional Office staff will provide controlled access to the areas and other resources as required to perform the services. Technicians will be escorted into areas by the staff on an as needed basis.

" A Project Manager will be assigned as a primary POC, and to provide information and resources in a manner to maintain contract continuity. Additionally, this person will receive deliverables as a result of this contract.


All area codes are 860 unless otherwise noted.

666-7325 666-7310 667-7910 594-6663 666-7377 594-6643 666-7315 666-7314 666-7326 694-4696 (203) 932-5711 x5265 594-6658 666-7337 594-6646 666-7389 614-3299 563-8800 887-1755 203-932-9899 203 790-4000 (FAX)667-1062 666-7306 666-7355 666-7365 666-7359 666-7395 666-7372 666-7388 594-6631 666-7346 800-827-1000 666-7368 594-6647 665-7654 666-7387 666-7379 594-6618 666-7380 667-1068 594-6657 666-7313 594-6658 666-7316 666-7317 594-6600 594-6601 594-6602 594-6669 594-6603 667-3257 594-6604 594-6605 594-6606 (FAX)667-1081 594-6609 594-6610 667-1214 594-6612 594-6616 594-6615 667-1238 594-6649 594-6648 594-6650 667-1092 666-7391 594-6629 594-6651 594-6654 667-7907 666-7385 667-7909 594-6666 667-7908 666-7328 666-7374 666-7307 594-6656 666-7366 594-6641 594-6620 594-6645 594-6642 667-7900 666-7361 594-6675 666-7363 667-7911 667-7915 667-7904 666-7304 666-7335 666-7392 666-7305 666-7382 666-7350 594-6614 666-7324 594-6655 594-6613 594-6676 667-6630 667-1271 666-7336 594-6617 667-7919 595-6604 666-7330 667-7914 666-7352 666-7322 666-7372 594-6644 666-7308 666-7395 666-7331 666-7342 666-7343 666-7362 596-6616 667-7901 666-7357 594-6668 667-7916 666-7356 667-7922 666-7371 666-7348 666-7353 667-7906 667-7912 594-6659 666-7339 594-6665 666-7370 666-7340 667-7903 594-6652 667-7918 667-7917 666-7367 666-7378 666-7390 666-7388 666-7369 594-6653 666-7360 666-7344 667-7375 594-6662 666-7334 666-7345 666-7393 594-6664 666-7364 667-7913 666-7300 594-6615 666-7381 666-7383 667-7905 666-7394 666-7358 666-7373 666-7351 594-6627 666-7329 594-6624 666-7812 666-7327 666-7311 594-6661 666-7341 667-7902 594-6667


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