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Images without Boundaries: At ECR 2014, Agfa HealthCare targets greater efficiencies and collaboration, with 'gold standard' solutions throughout its entire port

February 26, 2014

ENP Newswire - 26 February 2014

Release date- 25022014 - Agfa HealthCare announces today that it will showcase new products and advanced technologies that highlight its theme of 'Images without Boundaries' at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR).

An imaging leader with thousands of direct radiography (DR) / computed radiography (CR) solutions, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), and other unique solutions like IMPAX Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) and IMPAX Business Intelligence (BI) implemented at healthcare facilities across the globe, Agfa HealthCare is focused on enabling greater healthcare efficiencies and productivity. Continuing its commitment to workflow-centric solutions, the company will introduce new offerings that break down the barriers between departments and hospital groups along the care continuum, and further advance the use of the electronic health record (EHR).

'At Agfa HealthCare, we aim towards a healthcare world without unnecessary boundaries to image sharing and access; where imaging is a strategic asset throughout the patient care continuum,' says Hans Vandewyngaerde, President EMEA region, Agfa HealthCare. 'We have a part to play in achieving this, by focusing on developing and improving innovative technologies like our next generation MUSICA image processing, our IMPAX Agility next generation medical imaging platform, and our ICIS 'gold standard' enterprise and regional medical imaging solution. We also continue to expand our complete portfolio of DR and CR solutions, to ensure that every healthcare organization, large or small, can benefit from enhanced workflow, image quality and the potential for reduced patient dose.'

During ECR 2014, Agfa HealthCare is displaying its ever-expanding portfolio in imaging, radiology imaging informatics and enterprise imaging. In imaging the company will showcase its rich portfolio of Direct Radiography (DR) solutions, empowered by its next generation MUSICA image processing algorithm, from its mobile DX-D 100 system, over its DX-D 400 affordable, high productivity solution to its fully automated, high-performance DR room like the DX-D 600 system. Small size CR systems as the CR 10-X for mobile use and the

CR 12-X combine affordability with superb image quality.

Some of the key highlights for ECR include:

.Imaging next generation MUSICA - The diagnosis is in the details: A clear leader in advanced image processing and visualization of detail, Agfa HealthCare continues to innovate further advancements to its gold standard MUSICA image processing software. At ECR 2014, it will unveil the next generation of MUSICA, offering several new technology improvements such as no window level adjustment requirement, high level of details in the mediastinum and true representation of implants with clear bone interfaces, allowing confident and comfortable reading. Visitors can also discover MUSICA Catheter Processing, designed to increase the visibility of catheters and other low-contrast, tube-like structures, enabling high-contrast visualization for easier identification of precise PICC line placement.

.DX-D Retrofit - This cost-effective and versatile DR upgrade solution facilitates efficient diagnosis, provides excellent image quality and improves workflow and productivity. When used with Cesium Iodide (CsI) wireless detectors, it also offers dose reduction potential. The DX-D Retrofit supports 58 different generators.

.CR 15-X - Simple and smart, the CR 15-X table-top digitizer offers versatility and flexibility, and lets users define, adapt and optimize their own workflows by choosing their throughput versus resolution for each exam.

.Monitoring and measurement solutions: empower effective management Cesium-based DR detectors and CR needle plates offer clinicians a potential for dose reduction by as much as fifty percent compared to conventional powder phosphor plates and gadolinium DR detectors.

IMPAX Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) provides an automated way to collect, organize and analyze a patient's radiation exposure from medical imaging studies, supporting better-informed decision making, radiology department best practices and conformance to regulations, for example.

IMPAX Business Intelligence lets healthcare managers and care providers use existing data to increase transparency, improve the patient experience, identify cost saving opportunities, and more.

.IMPAX Agility - PACS... and more

Implemented in over 125 facilities around the world, this next generation IMPAX solution offers a departmental imaging platform designed to improve productivity, reduce cost and facilitate quality outcomes. The comprehensive solution redesigns capabilities typically found in a radiology information system (RIS), multi-department PACS, voice recognition reporting and connectivity into a single system.

IMPAX Agility streamlines navigation with a dynamic user interface and native diagnostic tools to support enhanced productivity. A powerful task-based workflow engine helps ensure that users follow the appropriate steps for each procedure and circumstance, from ordering to result distribution. This supports the hospital in meeting regulatory obligations and workflow best practices, as well as improving clinical communication through mobile apps.

'IMPAX Agility is a truly new and radical change for PACS and more' comments James Jay, Vice President and Global Head of Imaging Informatics, Agfa HealthCare. 'It is much more than a PACS; it is a modern IT platform with an innovative approach for consolidating and simplifying IT integration efforts. It thus supports our vision of cost-saving image management across the healthcare continuum.'

.ICIS: No image left behind

At ECR 2014, several advances to Agfa HealthCare's vendor-neutral enterprise and regional imaging solution will be showcased, including 'single sign-on, single view' capabilities and seamless image sharing across healthcare information exchanges (HIEs).

ICIS creates a unified health imaging record to improve physician awareness and collaboration across the continuum of care. It enables caregivers to view the imaging record directly within their EHR, HIE, and PACS by consolidation, federating and linking the imaging record across clinical, technical and regional boundaries.

At ECR 2014, Agfa HealthCare will highlight some of the broad services offered by ICIS: Workflow, Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), View and Services. These provide order driven point-of-care imaging acquisition workflow, intelligent centralized archiving and state-of-the-art web viewing and distribution services.

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Source: ENP Newswire

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