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Safe and Secure: Intersec Review

February 2, 2014 Staff

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Intersec 2014 saw some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of security and fire safety products bringing fresh ideas to the market

Intersec returned to Dubai'sWorld Trade Centre in late January for its 15th consecutive instalment.

Billed as the most significant trading platform and networking event for security and safety professionals in the Middle East, the show had plenty to offer those in the MEP industry with interests in security systems or fire safety and protection.

Featuring over 1,000 exhibitors and over 21,500 visitors from 116 countries, this year's show had a 10% increase in footfall from the previous year, perhaps another indication of the resurgence of the regional market.

Vying for the attention of those visiting the show were a host of big international names and smaller specialist companies with the latest in hi-tech security surveillance soft and hardware.


These ranged from small and discreet equipments for personal use in private homes to systems capable of monitoring and controlling mass crowds such as those in stadiums or airports.

Also well-represented was the fire safety and protection industry which brought the latest in detection and extinguishing technology to the event.

MEP Middle East caught up with a handful of companies from both ends of the safety net.

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With one of the most comprehensive offerings at this year's exhibition, Bosch set out to impress visitors with the sheer range of products and solutions it could offer the market.

Its on-show products were divided into different business units: engineered products and software solutions; hardware products such as cameras, both analogue and digital recording devices; access control systems and intrusion detection systems; fire alarm systems; public address and conference systems; and video management systems and recording systems.

Alfred Baltazar, head of technical support at Bosch, explained that the company had indentified the four most important "verticals" in the region.

"We are a 'one-stop shop solution'. In each and every corner we have a public display unit which corresponds into certain important verticals in this region. We have the hotel and hospitality vertical, oil and gas sector, airports and transportation, and sports and stadiums. Each vertical needs different products and solutions to work securely and safely as a whole. Each has diffferent requirements."


"Our stronghold here is the integration of all our products into a single platform. We have so many products coming from different business units and all of them can be synergised, synchronised and managed by one single Bosch platform," he added.

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Closed circuit television (CCTV) specialist Infinova was eyeing up visitors at this year's event as it sought to interest them in its new range of products. These included the Vandal Resistant IR IP HD Minidome Camera with open network video interface forum (ONVIF), offering two megapixel versions, motorised zoom lens, 20 metre illumination distance, WDR functionality, bi-directional audio and local recording support.

Also on offer was the IR IP HD Box Camera, also boasting ONVIF, two megapixel versions, and a motorised zoom lens. It also features a 30 metre and 50 metre illumination distance, WDR functionality, bi-directional audio and local recording support, as well as a IP66 environmental rating.

Third up for Infinova was the Integrated IP PTZ with IR Illuminator with an 18X and 20X HD Integrated camera module, one megapixel and two megapixel versions, a 100 metre illumination distance, built–in heater, defroster and window wiper, complete with an IP66 envronmental rating.

The company was also showcasing its 360 Degree view Fish Eye Indoor Camera with a five megapixel resolution, 360° and 180° panoramic views with digital PTZ, 1.05mm fish-eye lens, shadow archiving with micro SDHC or NAS, active video tampering, and local recording support.


Finally, Infinova's VMS V2217 was also on show for visitors with its support for 48 different languages, support for ONVIF compliant video sources, and compatability with 10+ new camera makes.

The product supports more than 50 camera makes or series and also offers alarm handling with support for sending SMS, making phone calls, or sending FTPs. It also features support for 'no motion' (end of motion) alert and a non-synchronised playback screen.

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Beyond its big, bright and shiny new fire trucks, NAFFCO brought a mix of old and new firefighting products to the show, at which it had one of the biggest stands this year.

The company was showing off some of its U-listed products which have been introduced to meet Civi Defence requirements in the region.

It was also exhibiting its new Addressable Self-Contained Emergency Lighting system, the panel of which is the first to approved by Kitemark in the whole world, according to Muhammad Kashif Baig, ELV technical support for NAFFCO.

"This panel monitors light status," said Baig. "It does a light test, battery test and modules. If something becomes faulty with your light or with your battery, a red light alerts you to this.

You then press the information tab and this allows you to troubleshoot. It's got a touch panel to do this which makes it very user-friendly. This system doesn't require fire-rated cables, you can go use normal PVC cables," Baig added.


Another U-listed product the company was showcasing was its Shield Addressable Fire Alarm system.

"The loop capacity is enough for 126 devices and enough for four loops," expplained Baig. "It is expandable to 64 panels so it will cover a wide area and you can network the panels," he added.

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Flir Systems

At this year's Intersec, Flir Sytems was showing off the variety of products it brings to the security market including aviation security, maritime security, oil and gas and critical infrastructure.

"We have a variety of technologies that we use to protect the perimeter of those facilities, the inside and to ensure that the right people are coming in and out with the right things," said Andrew Saxton, director of airport security detection and protection.

Catching the eye on the company's stand was Flir's Integrated Perimeter Security System which has particular applications for airports but can also be used for oil and gas facilities, pipelines and maritime security.

"We use our own radars which we design and build in-house, our own thermal and CCTV cameras, and our own in-house command and control software to create a map of the area we want to protect," said Saxton.

"We can identify and customise a variety of zones and alert criteria based on your particular security needs.


For example, there may be a perimeter road where it is normal for vehicles to pass along but, as soon as one stops, you need to aware of that. We give them the ability to customise the criteria under which they think that it's an alert that needs further interest."

The system has already been deployed on the Miami Harbour and Doha's new airport.

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Pelco by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric's video security brand, Pelco, came armed to this year's exhibition with a host of new product offerings.

Pelco was keen to showcase four areas of its product line in particular. These were its two new ranges of internet protocol cameras (IP) cameras, a new range of IP accessories, developments in its Sarix thermal range of products, and its 360 degrees camera integrated to its Digital Sentry platform.

Dave Dalleske, vice president of sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa said: "In the IP camera range, we are launching over 50 different models. With our IP accessories we are focussing on what we call that 'last mile of transmission'. If I mount a camera to a pole, I'm going to need housing, power, fibre media converters and such. So we are releasing eight new ranges of IP accessories here at the show."


With its Sarix Thermal range of products the company is focussing on the new functionality which has been added, referred to as thermography.

"This allows you to sense the temperature within the scene so you can highlight areas of interest within the field of view of the camera and identify thresholds of where you want to trigger alarms," Dalleske said.

"So if the temperature increases at too fast a rate or crosses a pre-determined level, then you can provide alarms throughout the system to alert the operators that there is an issue which needs to be further investigated," he added.

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Siemens brought a show of force to Intersec with an extensive range of fire safety products designed to extinguish the competition.

"We are trying to show the market that we are very strong in the Middle East. In the market, some consultants, some end-users have a preference for UL-approved systems, EN-approved systems, and Factory Mutual-approved systems," said Brian O'Mahoney, head of UL fire product segment at Siemens.

"Our portfolio globally, for Siemens fire safety, is that we can offer EN solutions, UL solutions, integrated voice, integrated fire and voice, smoke control, whatever the need is," he adds.

Among the new offerings to the market was Siemens Cerberus Pro which has applications in a wide range of environments such as hotels, schools or even mega high-rises. It is a phased evacuation system with integrated detection and ADA-compliant strobes required in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes.


Also on show was a higher-end system available for university campuses and large high-rise buidings called Firefighter XLS.

"This is specific in our UL markets," says O'Mahoney. "We use this in facilities where a single node or a single panel could have up to 2,500 to 3,000 detection points with 64 of these networked together. It can also send live voice messages to avoid panic and ensure people keep calm."

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Source: Construction Week (United Arab Emirates)

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