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"Transport System for Transporting Magnetic Tape" in Patent Application Approval Process

February 20, 2014

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Politics & Government Week -- A patent application by the inventors Engelen, Johan B.C. (Zurich, CH); Furrer, Simeon (Zurich, CH); Lantz, Mark A. (Zurich, CH), filed on July 2, 2013, was made available online on February 6, 2014, according to news reporting originating from Washington, D.C., by VerticalNews correspondents.

This patent application has not been assigned to a company or institution.

The following quote was obtained by the news editors from the background information supplied by the inventors: "The invention relates to a transport system for transporting magnetic tape, an apparatus, in particular for data storage and/or writing servo patterns, and a method for operating a transport system for transporting magnetic tape.

"In modern tape systems, data is organized in data tracks which are written and read back in a parallel fashion by a read and write head comprising servo read, data read and data write elements, i.e., transducer elements. These data tracks run in the longitudinal direction of the magnetic tape and are much narrower than the excursions the magnetic tape experiences in the lateral direction (also referred to as lateral tape motion, 'LTM') as a result of imperfections in the mechanical entrainment system. Therefore, it is crucial to accurately position the head relative to the magnetic tape in the lateral direction, and to maintain this relative position as the magnetic tape is streamed. To this end, as well as for other purposes, media manufacturers write servo tracks on the magnetic tape parallel to and interleaved with the data tracks. The servo read elements read the servo information stored in the servo tracks, which is then used for aligning the head with the data tracks on the magnetic tape.

"Servo tracks are typically written to the magnetic tape using one servo write element for each servo track. Each servo write element generally comprises a yoke having one or more gaps and a coil for producing a magnetic field at each gap. The write elements are configured to imprint a specific pattern on the magnetic tape via fringing magnetic fields. This pattern contains the information required to determine the instantaneous lateral location of the data read and write elements (or the head as a whole) using a timing-based-servo (TBS) scheme as for example described in EP 0 690 442 A2.

"TBS is a technology that was developed specifically for linear tape drives. It has been adopted by the Linear Tape Open (LTO) Consortium as a standard for the so-called LTO tape drive systems. In TBS systems, servo patterns generally comprise chevron shapes, having magnetic transitions with two different azimuthal slopes. An estimate of the head position is derived from the relative timing of pulses (also known as di-bits) generated by the read element reading the servo pattern.

"However, due to limited bandwidth and slew rate of the head actuating system, the head cannot follow high frequency or large amplitude LTM. This is why in some known transport systems magnetic tape is transported from a cartridge reel to a take-up reel via a plurality of rollers having flanges on both ends to mechanically constrain LTM."

In addition to the background information obtained for this patent application, VerticalNews journalists also obtained the inventors' summary information for this patent application: "In one embodiment, a transport system for transporting magnetic tape includes at least one roller configured to guide the magnetic tape having at least one electrode; wherein the at least one electrode is configured to be charged triboelectrically so as to produce a force of attraction between the magnetic tape and the at least one electrode.

"In another embodiment, a method is disclosed for operating a transport system for transporting magnetic tape, wherein at least one electrode of a roller for guiding the magnetic tape is charged triboelectrically, thereby producing a force attracting the magnetic tape to the at least one electrode.


"In the following, exemplary embodiments of the present invention are described with reference to the enclosed figures.

"FIG. 1 shows, in a perspective view, an apparatus according to one embodiment;

"FIG. 2 shows, in a perspective view, a roller according to one embodiment; and

"FIG. 3 shows, in a perspective view, a roller according to a further embodiment.

"In the Figures, same reference signs refer to the same or functionally equivalent elements unless otherwise indicated."

URL and more information on this patent application, see: Engelen, Johan B.C.; Furrer, Simeon; Lantz, Mark A. Transport System for Transporting Magnetic Tape. Filed July 2, 2013 and posted February 6, 2014. Patent URL:

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