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New Amino Acids Findings from University of Michigan Outlined

February 18, 2014

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Life Science Weekly -- Current study results on Amino Acids have been published. According to news reporting originating in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by NewsRx journalists, research stated, "In this study, poly(glycidyl methacrylate) (PGMA) nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared and chemically immobilized for the first time onto a capillary inner wall for open tubular capillary electrochromatography (OTCEC). The immobilization of PGMA NPs onto the capillary was attained by a ring-opening reaction between the NPs and an amino-silylated fused capillary inner surface."

The news reporters obtained a quote from the research from the University of Michigan, "Scanning electron micrographs clearly demonstrated that the NPs were bound to the capillary inner surface in a dense monolayer. The PGMA NP-coated column was then functionalized by lysine (Lys). After fuctionalization, the capillary can afford strong anodic electroosmotic flow, especially in acidic running buffers. Separations of three amino acids (including tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylalanine) were performed in NP-modified, monolayer Lys-functionalized and bare uncoated capillaries. Results indicated that the NP-coated column can provide more retention and higher resolution for analytes due to the hydrophobic interaction between analytes and the NP-coating."

According to the news reporters, the research concluded: "Run-to-run and column-to-column reproducibilities in the separation of the amino acids using the NP-modified column were also demonstrated."

For more information on this research see: Preparation and characterization of lysine-immobilized poly(glycidyl methacrylate) nanoparticle-coated capillary for the separation of amino acids by open tubular capillary electrochromatography. Journal of Chromatography A, 2014;1323():179-183. Journal of Chromatography A can be contacted at: Elsevier Science Bv, PO Box 211, 1000 Ae Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Elsevier -; Journal of Chromatography A -

Our news correspondents report that additional information may be obtained by contacting L. Xu, University of Michigan, Coll Pharm, Dept. of Pharmaceut Sci, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, United States. Additional authors for this research include P.F. Cui, D.M. Wang, C. Tang, L.Y. Dong, C. Zhang, H.Q. Duan and V.C. Yang (see also Amino Acids).

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