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supply of laptops and tablets.

February 11, 2014

Contract award: supply of laptops and tablets. 1) The contract is for the supply of laptops and tablets described in detail in Annex 3 hereto. 2) The supplied equipment specified in terms of range and quantity must be complete, have all the required instructions, warranties and work with the operating system and be compatible with MS Office (Win 64 bit). 3) The Contractor shall submit with the tender a written statement confirming the proper operation of the equipment offered software. 4) In case the supplied equipment (computers) will not have the recovery partition must be attached the necessary drivers in the current stable version on CD / DVD, in Polish and included installation version of the operating system on a separate optical media, resulting from license in Polish. 5) In case of delivery of the European Union and Third Countries will be accompanied by delivery of original shipping documents, including: - the original invoice with the invoice number, the name of the currency supply base and information about the country of origin, ID number, net weight and the position of the object tariff delivery waybill. 6) The Contractor shall provide to each piece of computer hardware equipment card containing a full list of components, equipment and software component of the manning set of hardware. In particular, give name, manufacturer information, and the capacity of all storage media, and motherboard - types of memory installed permanently. 7) For each item of which is the subject of the contract the Contractor shall attach a "Guarantee Card", which confirms the start of the warranty period in accordance with the manufacturer~s requirements. 8) The Contractor under warranty will cover all costs associated with the repair of equipment, including transport costs, insurance, labor. 9) In column 11 "Detailed description of the object of the contract" is mandatory to enter the name, type, model and type of product offered - regardless of whether the product offered is that which requires the Employer, whether it is a product equivalent. 10) The Contractor shall clearly identify the range of products offered, characterizing them by pointing to a specific product, eg, naming, define the brand, model, trademark, manufacturer~s name and other assigned exclusively to the product characteristics. 11) The Contractor agrees to provide a full warranty on the subject of the order listed in the Annex to the Agreement for a period of at least 24 months and warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery of the Employer. If the manufacturer provides a warranty longer, the Contractor shall take over those rights. Warranty will cover all kinds of disadvantages, both in materials and regulations. 12) Reaction part of the warranty for the equipment delivered will be made within 24 hours of notification by phone or fa Contractor name : SYRIANA JOANNA FISZER

Contractor address : Ul. Kazimierza Porebskiego 28/17 80-180 Gdansk

Agency : Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna im. Jaroslawa Dabrowskiego ul. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2 Contact point(s): Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna Sekcja zamÓwien publicznych For the attention of: Joanna Swinoga 00-908 Warszawa POLAND Telephone: +48 226837865 Fax: +48 226839723 E-mail: Internet address(es): General address of the contracting authority:

country :Poland

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Source: TendersInfo (India)

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