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Theatre Company Founder Offers Parents and Children Valuable Tips to Beat the Bullies

January 31, 2014

As a young child, Lynn Beaumont , founder of ( and Blag Theatre Company , was a victim of bullying; it left her feeling anxious and lacking in confidence. Much later on in her life, history repeated itself when her child experienced bullying from her young peers. Lynn was determined not to stand by and see her hurt, and took action immediately. Lynnís daughter was removed from her then school and worked on improving her confidence and self-esteem in a myriad of different ways, including attending drama classes and workshops. Being an individual, someone who perhaps doesnít fit into a particular pigeon hole can be very difficult for children to handle; youngsters are unforgiving of those who are different, and those who find themselves cast out from the in-crowd can often find they struggle in school. Socialising with classmates can be problematic and upsetting, and it often has an effect on academic work, as well as the childís confidence. So how can parents help their children in this situation? It is important to remember that there is no quick fix when attempting to boost the self-esteem of another. The process will be long and constant, and many parents and children will find it incredibly tough. One of the most important aspects for a child is to have a good support system at home. Parents that spend time with their children after school open the communication channels and encourage them to talk through their day. This can be done over dinner, walking the dog or on the way home from school; parents should be attentive and listen to their childís problems without being tempted to belittle the issue or make it out to be a trivial matter. Just half an hour of listening a day will have a profound, long-term effect on a child. Once the communication channels are open, it is important to keep it this way. Family time is a very important factor in everyday life, whether it is sitting down to eat every evening or enjoying a day out once a week. This time is an opportunity for parents and children to communicate and listen to one another. Once this level of trust has been established with a child, they will learn that they can always turn to their parents for support and a chat. Being critical and opinionated sets the wrong tone for this dialogue with children. Children arenít always asking for parents to solve their problems for them, they just need someone to listen. If they are looking for advice, it is important for all mothers and fathers to think carefully about their response; letting a parental emotional response dictate the reply can often cause more problems. Building outside school activities is also a great way to remove focus from bullying and uncomfortable social experiences in school. Parents can ensure that their child has different networks of friends, meaning there are always alternatives after school and at weekends. For Lynn Beaumont , with her background in drama, the theatre became a natural choice for her child, and it became apparent very quickly that the social aspect of drama school was to have a profound effect on her child. Unlike school, where generic and standardised personalities are encouraged, drama classes for children ( are almost solely based around being different and unique, having different responses to certain situations and being able to think outside the box. Children will accept whatever personality is thrown into the room during a drama class. Children get to work with one another in small groups and are well supported throughout by teachers and classmates, all of whom are encouraging and friendly. There is no right or wrong way to do drama, and this experience gives many youngsters the confidence to try new things; even timid children can be brought out of their shell and will often blossom after a few months of drama training. It is entirely normal for young children to face a struggle with identifying their emotions at a young age. This can often lead to problems when their emotions do emerge. Drama can be integral to a childís development in this sense, as it encourages them to explore their emotions in a fun and safe environment, figuring out how others express themselves and respond to certain situations. Classes that specialise in drama can be hugely beneficial if children are enrolled at a young age and start to develop this emotional maturity early on. Drama classes are a great way for children to spend their time after school, and it can give them a great alternative to their classmates. If the only youngsters a child ever spends time with are the ones that give them a hard time, they can develop a skewed vision of the world, where everyone is against them. Just one after school activity like a drama or dance class can give children an outside interest and reassure them that there are other children out in the world who face the same struggles they do. Children are the biggest investment we ever make when it comes to time and money, but they are also the most rewarding. Unconditional love and support is the greatest free gift any parent can give a child. Here is a quick check list of things that parents can do to encourage their youngsters: - Try to spend quality time with a child every day, whether it is on the way home from school or just before bedtime. - Open up the communication channels so that a child knows there is always someone to turn to. - Remember to listen intently and give your whole attention when a child is talking. Try not to multitask during these times. - Try not to be critical or opinionated. - Find an after-school activity that your child enjoys. - Offer support at all times. For more information about drama classes in your area, visit Please direct press queries to Rebecca Appleton at Dakota Digital. Email or Tel: 01623 428996. About With a huge directory of the nationwide drama school, classes and groups available to browse, is making it easier for people to source high-quality acting training and performance studies all over the UK . This information was brought to you by Cision,c9529430 The following files are available for download:,c1430861 home-thought-bubble

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