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Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd Calls For Change in the Way Homes in the UK are Insulated

January 31, 2014

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 31 January 2014

Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd is the sole distributor of nanotechnology based thermal insulation product Nansulate® which sets out to prevent mold caused by condensation.

“With flooding a regular hazard of winter in the UK lots needs to be done to help protect the homes directly affected but also those nearby who will be experiencing higher than usual levels of condensation in their homes,” says Kevin Buchler Managing Director of Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd.

It is almost inevitable that some mold problems will develop after homes have been subject to flooding. Walls and floors can take weeks to dry out, but mold can surface within 24 hours.

Kevin continues; “Toxic black mold can cause permanent damage to your health. In extreme cases toxic black mold has even lead to death. Because of the serious health effects toxic black mold can cause, if you find it in your home you need to take steps to get it removed immediately. The longer you are around toxic black mold, the more it will damage your health.”

Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd aims to offer a cost effective solution which within a few coats can help prevent some of the damage caused by condensation and mold and lead towards a healthier home.

In support of the Environment Agency’s plans to better protect river and coastal towns at risk of floods, and many reports of bad weather still to come – Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd are launching a new campaign: “one room at a time.” Before the next wave of bad weather approaches, DIY fans are encouraged to start protecting their homes now. In order to encourage a change in the way people insulate their homes, Nansulate Home Protect® (for mold prevention and energy saving) will be available at a special price for home owners. Visit: for more information and to get in touch.


Nanotechnology is simply the manipulation of materials at a smaller scale than was previously possible. By manipulating matter at the nanoscale, materials have the ability to be built from the atomic level up with much less waste. Materials can take on different attributes when you manipulate them at this scale, such as silver taking on anti-microbial properties or the ability to insulate in a much thinner layer.

Nansulate® thermal barrier coating technology incorporates a safe micro-sized nanotechnology based material with nano-sized internal architecture that has a very low thermal conductivity. Additionally the material is hydrophobic, which provides mold and mildew resistant without the use of toxic moldicides.

The future of insulation and energy efficiency is with new technology. Just as computers and cell phone have become thinner and more efficient, so has our insulation technology. Thermal barrier coatings are the way of the future as the planet moves toward more sustainable and effective technologies that are affordable. For more information contact Nanotech Coatings UK Limited

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