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BISON INSTRUMENTS INC - 10-K - Management's Discussion and Analysis or Plan of Operations.

January 27, 2014

The net loss for 2013 was $60,965 or $0.07 per share, compared with a loss in 2012 of $70,593 or $0.08 per share. No sales were recorded for the Company in the fiscal years 2013 and 2012, as a result of Bison being inactive as it sold its product lines in 1999. The sale by Bison of its product lines in prior years has essentially rendered Bison inactive. The General Manager, Larry Martin , administers the corporate affairs of the Company and monitors residual business matters. During the fiscal year, the Company paid Mr. Martin $4,500 for these services. An office is maintained in Chanhassen, Minnesota , which is provided free of charge by Mr. Martin . An affiliate of Andus Inc. , the majority shareholder, provides management and accounting services at no charge to the Company. Andus Inc. has also advanced non-interest bearing funds to the Company. At October 31, 2013 , the Company has income tax losses of approximately $1,301,500 available for carry forwards, which may be used to reduce future years' taxable income and for which the benefit has not been recorded. These losses expire between 2018 and 2033. The Company has no means to generate revenue necessary to pay its obligations to regulatory bodies, directors, accountants and lawyers. In this regard, Andus Inc. , the majority shareholder has committed to support the Company for its normal management and corporate expenses at levels of present expenditure until May 1, 2014 . Past practice has been to extend the committed support for one fiscal year from the balance sheet date. Currently, the commitment is until May 1, 2014 . Management continues to pursue other business opportunities for the Company including merger opportunities with other businesses which may result in a reverse-take-over of the Company. However, there is no guarantee that management will be successful in their endeavours. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Source: Edgar Glimpses

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