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Progression Therapy: Leading Practitioner Boosts Client Self-Esteem By Helping Them View and Shape Their Futures

January 21, 2014

A leading therapist is helping to teach people across the globe about the benefits of Future Life Progression and his own self-made brand of Progression Therapy, which has already helped hundreds of people to rediscover their self-esteem and experience boosted confidence levels like never before. Nicolas Aujula is an expert on exploring past and future lives with his clients, and wants to spread the message about his unique Progression sessions to help to free more people from the prison of crippling self-doubt, depression and low self-esteem. An experienced practitioner and therapist, Nicolas Aujula believes that changing limiting attitudes and beliefs is the key to finding success and happiness. Those people who believe that the world is against them, will certainly find that this is so; they will encounter negativity at every turn and will not be able to free themselves from this mindset, which stems from low self-confidence. Nicolas helps to coach his clients to believe that they can create the future they want. By examining life from different perspectives and looking into the future, clients can create an image of who they want to be, and are granted the self-worth they need to go out and achieve their dreams. Nicolas, who has appeared on the Biography Channel and ITV Daybreak, as well as regularly contributing to the Beverly Hills Times , says, “Progression therapy helps us to explore future lives, to see what possibilities we are projecting forward. This, in turn, helps us to modify our present mindset, in order to impact a better future, now and in future lives. Past and future are, in reality, only patterns of thought and behavior, and we have the power to change these with positive thinking and the adaption of our thoughts. Your events, your lives, your experiences, are caused by your thoughts and beliefs. Change the beliefs and your life changes with them.” In a prime example of how this kind of therapy can change an individual’s life for the better, Lauren J. Irwin , an up-coming Hollywood actress and Youth Ambassador to the United Nations who's lead an anti-bullying campaign, recently managed to turn her life around and break out of a crippling cycle of low self-esteem thanks to a Progression session with Nicolas. Lauren had always had a hard time feeling good enough, having been bullied as a youngster, and even after having the words ‘I am enough’ tattooed on her wrist, she couldn’t find the self-confidence to truly believe in herself or her future. A simple session of Progression therapy with Nicolas was enough to change all this. In a deeply relaxed state of mind, Lauren was able to explore current projections of the future, visualising and creating new thought patterns to create the desired future she wanted, resulting in an empowered attitude to life and to the situations and people she attracted every day. She envisioned her future life, and saw what she must do to change her own future path in the present. Lauren says, “In my future life, I saw myself as a tall, dark haired and good-looking man dressed in a suit. I was successful and wealthy, but very lonely. Everyone really liked me, but I still felt like an outsider and didn’t feel part of the group. There was a barrier and a wall I had built up around me. Seeing my future self made me feel emotional and upset, tears were pouring down my cheeks. It was painful to see how life could be if I didn’t believe in myself.” Lauren made the necessary changes in her own mindset, and within days noticed a difference in her approach to life. She rediscovered her joie de vivre, and even her mother and her friends noticed that Lauren was coming out of her shell, interacting more and projecting a more confident aura. The simple case-study is just one of many that have meant Nicolas Aujula’s therapy techniques are coming to the attention of the world. Self-esteem issues and having trouble breaking down personal barriers are things that a huge percentage of the world’s population deal with, but through Progression therapy, future possibilities can be discovered. The choices we make today may affect tomorrow, and learning this crucial fact of life through this unique brand of therapy can help many people to experience personal growth and make better decisions in their everyday lives. For more information about Nicolas Aujula’s work, or to book a session of Progression therapy, please visit http://www.inspired (http://file:///C:/Users/Dakota/AppData/Local/ Microsoft /Wind ows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.IE5/742SX2P6/%20http:/www.inspir ) Please direct press queries to Rebecca Appleton at Dakota Digital. Email or Tel: 01623 428996. This information was brought to you by Cision,c9524017 The following files are available for download:,c1426020 Nicolas Aujula

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