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MASTERMINDS [Birmingham Mail (UK)]

August 3, 2013


1. Whose paintings include Mrs Siddons and Blue Boy? theWeek 2. What was Dorothy's surname in The Wizard Of Oz? 3. Which 1982 British film is thought to have had 300,000 extras appear in it? 4. Which actress married and divorced both Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra? "I would have my glass of wine and he would have his usual. I have no idea what it was but it looked like nuclear waste."

5. What was the first name of Wayne's friend in Wayne's World? 6. Who was the winner in ITV's Pop Idol competition in 2002? 7. Which musical features the song I Am What I Am? - Actor Johnny Depp on having a drink with Rolling Stone Keith Richards.

8. What sign of the zodiac is represented by the twins? 9. Which musical features the songs Somewhere, Maria and America? 10. The headquarters of the World Health Organisation can be found in which country? 11. What are the first names of Enid Blyton's famous five? 12. What 1984 film starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver? "13. What was James Dean's last film? 14. Which strait links the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean? 15. Who did Mel Gibson play in the film Chicken Run? 16. What is the only animal which, for both genders, is born with horns on its forehead? 17. An okapi is a mixture of what two animals? MasterMinds 18. What does the roman word Gladiator mean? 19. Who became the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962 and returned to Space in 1997? 20. Who played Mel Gibson's sidekick in the Lethal Weapon films? 21. Where is the Gobi desert? 22. Which 1974 sequel won six Oscars? 23. Which actress won an Oscar for the 1990 film Ghost? 24. In which film did Daniel Craig play James Bond for the first time? men I have gone for are challenging, but they are also wildly intelligent 25. Later adapted into a successful film, what was the title of Margaret Mitchell's one and only novel? ANSWERS Zebra and giraffe; 18. Sword; 19. John Glenn; 20. Danny Glover; 21. South east Mongolia and northern China; 22. The Godfather: Part II; 23. Whoopi Golberg (for best supporting actress); 24. Casino Royale; 25. Gone With The Wind- Pop star Katy Perry, formerly married to Russell Brand. 1. Thomas Gainsborough; 2. Gale; 3. Gandhi; 4. Ava Gardner; 5. Garth; 6. Will Young; 7. La Cage Aux Folles; 8. Gemini; 9. West Side Story; 10.

Switzerland; 11. Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy; 12. Ghostbusters; 13. Giant; 14.Strait of Gibraltar; 15. Rocky; 16. Giraffe; 17.

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