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Al-Qaeda Chief: US Plotted with Egyptian Army for Morsi Overthrow

Aug. 3, 2013

Cairo (dpa) - Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri on Saturday accused the United States of "plotting" with the Egyptian army to oust Islamist president Mohammed Morsi last month.

"Crusaders, secularists and the Americanized army have converged ... with Gulf money and American plotting to topple Mohamed Morsi's government," al-Zawahiri said in an audio message posted on jihadist websites.

"This Americanizaed army... offers bases and warehouses to the Americans and participates with them in drills and manoeuvres."

The US has issued a worldwide travel alert over fears about possible attacks by al-Qaeda.

Twenty-one diplomatic embassies and consulates, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, are to close down on Sunday and possibly the following days.

US Secretary of State John Kerry Friday was quoted as saying Friday that the Egyptian army was restoring democracy when it moved to topple Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president.

Zawahiri, himself an Egyptian, accused Egypt's Coptic Christian minority of supporting Morsi's removal.

"The Crusaders supported the removal of Mohammed Morsi's government because its fall is a step towards setting up their Coptic state they seek in southern Egypt," he said.

Authenticity of the recording could not be independently verified.

"What happened is the biggest proof of the failure of democratic means to achieve an Islamic government."

The army deposed Morsi on July 3 after millions took to the streets demanding he step down, one year after he had taken office.

Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the toppling as a coup and vowed to continue protesting until he is restored to office.

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