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What's on where at The Fling

July 4, 2013


Open Air Music Stages 1 & 2 This year, The Fling presents two big outdoor stages of wonderful live music - that's twice as much as last time! Featuring favourites from the UK festival circuit, bands on the verge of the big time and acts from the local area who we feel should be more widely appreciated... 1 Stage 1 Joe Curtin (DJ set) 12.00pm Stealing Signs 12.30pm Joe Curtin (DJ set) 1.00pm Leanne Louise 1.30pm Carlos Adams (DJ set) 2.00pm Dead Cannons 2.30pm Carlos Adams (DJ set) 3.00pm The Lunar Pilots 3.30pm Dan Smith (DJ set) 4.00pm Shanty 4.30pm Dan Smith (DJ set) 5.00pm Wild Combination 5.30 Dave Williams (DJ set) 6.00pm The Kubricks 6.30 Dave Williams (DJ set) 7.00pm Wolf Club 7.30pm Dave Arscott (DJ set) 8.00pm By the Rivers 8.30pm Dave Arscott (DJ set) 9.30pm The Correspondents 10.00pm 2 Stage 2 Rael Prime Turnell (DJ set) 12.30pm Princes in the Tower 1.00pm Rael Prime Turnell (DJ set) 1.30pm Doug Panton 2.00pm James Easter (DJ set) 2.30pm Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective 3.00pm James Easter (DJ set) 3.30pm The White Gospel 4.00pm Luke Johnson (DJ set) 4.30pm Medicine 5.00pm Luke Johnson (DJ set) 5.30pm Creme De Chevre 6.00pm New City Kings 6.45pm Darryl Webber (DJ Set) 7.45pm Extra Curricular 8.15pm Darryl Webber (DJ set) 9.15pm Public Service Broadcasting 9.45pm 1 Cabaret Tent This favourite of The Fling features a wide selection of cabaret, burlesque, circus and games with top class performers brought together for the festival by the esteemed Keda Breeze. Note that although the same performer is repeated here, their show changes as the day goes on. For more details on these acts, please visit the festival's website.

Introduction by the host followed by the Helles Belles 1.55pm - 2.10pm Cabaret Games 2.20pm - 2.40pm Des O'Connor, Missy Malone, Edd Muir 2.40pm - 3.10pm Cabaret Games 3.10pm - 3.30pm Beatrix Von Bourbon, Bendy Kate, Des O'Conner 3.30pm - 4.00pm Cabaret Games 4.00pm - 4.20pm Ginger Blush, Des O'Conner, Pixel Le Knot 4.20pm - 4.50pm Cabaret Games 4.50pm - 5.10pm Missy Malone, Helles Belles, Des O'Conner 5.10pm - 5.40pm Cabaret DJ 5.40pm - 6.00pm Helles Belles, Des O'Conner, Beatrix Von Bourbon 6.00pm - 6.30pm Cabaret DJ 6.30pm - 6.50pm Des O'Conner, Ginger Blush, Pixel Le Knot 6.50pm - 7.20pm Cabaret DJ 7.20pm - 7.40pm Bendy Kate, Helles Belles, Des O'Conner 7.40pm - 8.10pm Cabaret DJ 8.10pm - 8.30pm Edd Muir, Des O'Conner, Missy Malone 8.30pm - 9.00pm Cabaret DJ 9.00pm - 9.20pm Pixel Le Knot, Des O'Conner, Helles Belles 9.20pm - 9.40pm Cabaret Games/stand up 9.40pm - 10.00 Beatrix Von Bourbon, Bendy Kate, Des O'Conner 10.00 - 10.20 Cabaret Games/stand up 10.20 - 10.40pm Ginger Blush, Edd Muir 10.30pm - 11.00pm Wordsmiths Tent Programmed by Jody Porter and featuring many of the most impressive poets on the scene today. John Hegley 2.30pm Emma Jones 3.00pm Nathan Penlington 3.15pm Martin Newell 3.30pm Mel Jones 4.00pm Adam Kammerling 4.15pm Sophia Blackwell 4.30pm The Yellow Show by Rob Auton 4.45pm Abi Palmer 5.15pm David J 5.30pm We Are All Orange Ghosts by Dan Simpson 5.45pm Sean Mahoney 6.15pm Amy Acre 6.30pm Ross Sutherland 6.45pm Niall O'Sullivan 7.15pm Joshua Idehen 7.30pm Chimene Suleyman 7.45pm Tim Wells 8.00pm Elephant Roundhouse Collective 8.15pm David J 9.15pm Sophie Cameron 9.45pm Open Mic Poetry Battle 10.00pm Acoustic Tent Presented by Live4Music, this tent offers a great selection of the very best in local musical talent - both established and emerging, for your listening pleasure.

Mike O''Leary Band 12.15pm The Twenny Freeze 12.55pm Cherchen Man 1.30pm Amy Westney 2.05pm The Lemoncurd Kid 2.40pm Claire Wyatt 3.15pm Last of the Barstools 3.55pm Kevin Pearce 4.35pm Paolo Morena 5.15pm Loxley''s Corner 5.55pm Adrian Nation 6.35pm Little Donkey 7.15pm Ady Johnson 7.55pm Morning Lane 8.40pm Benjamin Bloom 9.25pm Navacross 10.20pm 3 The Loop Tent Featuring at this year's Fling is another brand spanking new music area - programmed by our friends from the venue of the same name in Chelmsford city. The Loop boys, Jon and Marc, have created a space in which to kick back and relax and then get down and party. Prepare for the finest sounds of Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop and party tunes up to 11pm. Loop Bros (DJ set) 12pm Fancy Dress Party 2.00pm Stag & Dave Williams (DJ set) 2.30pm Danny Bounce (DJ set) 3.30pm Machine Gun Men 4.30pm Dead Formats Soundsystem (DJ set) 5.00pm Don Letts (DJ set) 6.00pm Firat (DJ set) 8.00pm Sam Reynolds & Joe Thurgood (DJ set) 9.30pm 2 Beyond Fusion This new venue at The Fling is produced and programmed by Dancing Giraffe, a group who aim to support people with disabilities and their carers. Up to 11pm, Beyond Fusion will be filled to the brim with exciting talent, ranging from poetry to music, magicians to comedy - including the wonderful Franscesca Martinez.

Jakob Deist 12.05pm Mark Burnhope 12.40pm Comedians 1.00pm Total 80s 2.00pm Mark Burnhope 3.05pm Tony Winn 3.25pm Coda Dance Theatre 3.50pm Lizzie B 4.25pm Clare Shaw 5.00pm Coda Dance Theatre 5.15pm Lizzie B 5.50pm Clare Shaw 6.30pm Francesca Martinez 7.00pm Contraband 8.15pm Bollywood Bling There's Bangra, drumming, dancing, food, henna and more, where the East really meets East Anglia in one of our favourite tents at The Fling - presented by the Essex Cultural Diversity Project.

Bollywood Vibes 12pm - 5.00pm DrumKulture 5.00pm - 6.00pm Fipa 6.00pm - 6.30pm Ramesh Babber 6.30pm - 7.00pm Aliou Diallo 7.00pm - 7.30pm Chakardar -Tabla 7.30pm - 9.00pm Ramesh Babber 9.00pm - 10.00pm Bollywood Beats 10.00pm - 11.00pm Bassant Indian Food 12pm - 11.00pm Henna Hand Painting 12pm - 11.00pm 1 Comedy Tent Once again hosted by the great Comedy Club Ltd based in Chelmsford, their line- up of comics will be bringing laughter to life at The Fling. MC'd in the afternoon from 3.30pm by Will Mars and in the evening from 6.15pm by Suzy Bennett.

Colin Cole 3.30pm - 4.00pm Tiffany Stevenson 4.15pm - 4.45pm Colin Cole 5.00pm - 5.30pm Tiffany Stevenson 5.45pm - 6.15pm John Mann 6.15pm - 6.45pm Nick Wilty 7.00pm - 7.30pm Mike McClean 7.45pm - 8.15pm John Mann 8.30pm - 9.00pm Nick Wilty 9.15pm - 9.45pm Mike McClean 10.00pm - 10.30pm Dance Party Tent We all love to boogie - and in this tent you'll get a chance to do just that up to 11pm! From workshops to performances, you'll get to Zumba and Samba to your heart's content.... Programmed by dancer and choreographer Fritha Fallon, this is a space with something for everyone. Zumba with Essex Zumba 1.00pm Hip Hop with Elementz Entertainment 1.45pm Bollywood Hindi beats 2.30pm Burlesque with Burlesque Jems 3.15pm Lindy Hop with JiveSwing 4.00pm Samba, Rio style, with Element Dance 4.45pm Party time! 5.30pm Burlesque with Burlesque Jems 5.45pm Charleston with DiCaprio (almost) 6.30pm Line Dancing with 1step2heaven 7.15pm Tango with Essex Tango 8.00pm Mambo with Dance Diversion 8.45pm Hustle with Dance Diversion 9.30pm Party time again! 10.15pm Film Tent - The Psychedelic Cinema Experience Films include a remixed Teenagers From Space and other subculture favourites, plus silly old public service announcements. The chaps behind this tent will also be playing with some impressive projection mapping too. Unlike previous years, there are live acts in the Film Tent, with Ed Sykes (kind of like Velvet Underground, according to the notes here!), Thick Diction (easy going hip hop), 24Vision (rapper and live band) and a scratch DJ. Refreshments inside the tent include psychedelic popcorn so be sure to taste that or simply stare at it. See the noticeboard outside this multi- coloured tent for timings the times of performances.

Festival Yoga and Massage Relax and unwind in The Fling Festival's yoga and massage area - all supplied by the lovely local people at Hummingbird and Star Wellbeing up until 11pm.

VIP seated massage noon Day Club Yoga 1.00pm Star Warm up seated massage 2.00pm Laughter Yoga 3.00pm Multi-personality seated massage 4.00pm Rocket Yoga 5.00pm Orgy Massage 6.00pm Nightclub Yoga 7.00pm Bongo-Yoga-Dance 8.00pm Middle Aged Spread - with Crochet Left- field wedding disco meets the art of crochet in this dome tent of tongue-in-cheek middle-aged music and crafts. Come learn the art of crochet with the ladies of Let's Crochet, including all the basic stitches and then make a beautiful piece you can be proud of - or hide somewhere. Spinning the soul, funk, disco tunes are gentlemen from Middle Aged Spread who will play all killer no filler party music for a mature audience unafraid to dance - led by the effervescent front man on the mic Daryl Easlea and ably supported by Curly Dan Newman and Beardy Al.

The Fairyland Trust Within our magical tent you will be able to select your very own Magic Wand from a variety of native trees. You can then decorate it with wool, ribbons and glitter. Discover which tree is best for your wand. Will it be birch for a new adventure or hazel for wWisdom or even apple for love? Please note that this activity closes at 5pm.

1 What a Yarn Tent The Fling invited creative people to propose things they'd like to do at the festival and this is one of a few tents that brings these people and groups together. The What a Yarn tent features Cherub Productions who will voyage into the plush and licentious 18th century mind of a 21st century man that'll explore sordid sights, flailing fights and daring debauchees. Giraffe Sketch Comedy present a volley of satirical and surreal sketches in a series of energetic, fast paced shows rocketing along with recognisable characters and recurring favourites. Nelson David will offer those with all levels of experience (including none) to Improvisation Workshops run by this eminent TV comedy writer/ performer. Through warms-ups and games participants will slowly discover how to tap their natural spontaneity and creativity in a supportive and relaxed environment. Knitted Gem will be yarn bombing in the tent too. Finally, there will be Speed Dating sessions in the tent for all you seeking more than the love the festival can offer you. See the noticeboard for timings.

1 Make Do and Mend Inside this bunting-decorated and cosy tent will run various workshops that teach people traditional crafts and skills like sewing, knitting, crochet, pattern drafting, upholstery and more. Make Do and Mend's aim is for Flingers to learn a skill in a day and go home at 11pm with a finished product, happy as Larry. Or whoever.

Rubbish to Treasure Recycling and upcycling - it's all the rage. In this huge den of discarded 'junk', you can make yourself feel 'festively' - with a crazy hat or madcap cape (or anything you can think of) in this adult craft area. This activity was hugely successful at the last Fling and certainly confirmed that one person's rubbish is another person's treasure! Once you've made your outfit, join the carnival with flame-throwing Jo Peacock starting here after the sun has set. Jo is also creating a beautiful Fire Garden on site too so show her some love for all her festival creativity.

Adult Storytelling Let your imagination get the best of you with our fantastic storytellers, Sarah and Mike Dodsworth and Callum Monk- McGowan appearing as the Marquis de Sade... Charity Casino Blackjack, Roulette, Cards - gambling's the game. Eat your heart out Vegas! (or maybe BasVegas?) Anyway, some great prizes have been amassed and all funds raised go to J's Hospice, the Mayor's Charity this year. Casino supplied by Diamond Fun Casino and closes just before 11pm. Note that real money will be changed for fun money to participate and support this great local charity.

Club Decks presented by firstsite A mini rave on a Routemaster double decker bus. The top floor is chill out and art and the lower deck is the dance floor! It's an exclusive experience but see if you can blag your way in up to 11pm. Presented in collaboration with Colchester Arts Centre - however this bus is subject to confirmation at time of going to press.

Havana Clue A comedy favourite that returns to The Fling for 2013. Do you dare have your fortune told with Havana Clue? She's open for all kinds of insights from 6pm.

Legs Akimbo A village green of old-time school sports day classic games and activities. Featuring egg and spoon races, sack racing, human crufts (agility class), old fashioned tug-o-war, three-legged race and other unconventional fun and interactive games. Located near to The Loop Tent on the far side of the railway viaduct.

Phoenix Beauty hosted by the Meadows You may be in a field, but this doesn't mean you can't look gorgeous! Treat yourself to a pamper session with the ladies from Phoenix working with the Meadows Shopping Centre in Chelmsford.

The Art Cannon A place where you can make treasure and take it home or perhaps fire it from a cannon... Something creative and destructive all in one! A mischievous spot created by those crazy dudes at the Buffalo Tank and Mechanical Menagerie.

Silent Disco hosted by Brownstock Two DJs and hundreds of headphones: Let battle commence! Appearing in a new area nestled beneath the railway viaduct, this bigger-than-ever silent disco will get everyone raving up to 11pm. Please note that you may need to leave a deposit to borrow the headphones. Ollie Wilkes versus Lopez 2.00pm Intense Allstars versus Shakey 3.30pm Liam Bone versus Hilly & Darcy 5.00pm Richie Don versus Lloyd & Dan 6.30pm Dixon versus Ninjas 8.00pm Andy Hatman versus Lopez or Dean Scott 9.00pm The Lazy Beach We may be miles away from the sea, but this doesn't mean we can't have all the fun of the beach! Don't forget your bucket and spade - best sandcastle is a winner!

Upswing presents Loved Up A light-hearted, fast-paced fusion of bungee and hip-hop centred around the pursuit of love - and so perfect for The Fling! Created originally as a collaboration between Vicki Amedume and Jonzi D, Loved Up works with a group of dancers using staging and an aerial rig to explore new realms of movement.

2 Paper Dolls Burlesque Join the Paper Dolls and uncover the wonderful world of burlesque. From corsets to pasties to lipstick, this is your opportunity to embrace your inner showgirl. Watch the Paper Dolls perform and then come and play. Dance, craft, crochet, make-up, corsets - whoever you are, you can burlesque. The Paper Dolls ladies are joined by regular Fling festival performers, the cancan dancers of Les Fifis Farfelues.

The Ideas Hub hosted by High Chelmer Those friendly artists, musicians, intellectual thinkers and innovators at the Ideas Hub have joined together with High Chelmer Shopping Centre to present a variety of creative activities to inspire adult visitors of all ages and abilities to try something new.

The Forum Presented by the Ideas Hub, the debating Forum at The Fling is a new venue that shows the festival can behave all grown up. Who knows what topics will come up? Feminism? Justice? Religion? Take a look at the line-up outside the tent and prepare to take a stance. Serious subjects debated in a light-hearted way and all hosted by the inimitable Dan Segeth (and friends).

2 String and Sing Tent The Fling invited creative people from far and wide to propose things they'd like to do at the festival and this is one of a few tents that brings these people and groups together. The String and Sing tent features The Big Sing who invite you to come sing with the professionals and join in workshops. The Outside Puppet Collective will be performing short shows set in a food laboratory, as they attempt to create the ultimate super food. . Finally, The Improsarios offer short plays all taken from your suggestions. Please see the noticeboard outside the tent for the times of all these activities.

GlastonAdults by Adam Amor A hydra-like saxophone with several bells flashing and smoking together with a set of percussion to encourage everyone to join the band...

Some of the other amusements at the festival (not shown on above map): Angel in Pocket Productions The pocket angels will once again engage everyone that wants to play in their bizarre swooping street theatre. As dusk falls a weird troupe emerge, comprising of strange props, costumes and wit upon the unsuspecting Fling goers.

The Bureau of Silly Ideas present Shirt or Squirt (and more) The Bureau bring their pedal-powered amusement to The Fling where every winner gets a yellow shirt and the loser gets a squirt. Shirt or Squirt is a racing game were two people on static bicycles pedal and generate electricity. This powers pumps that empty chambers of blood sweat and tears The intent is to use competitive instinct to raise issues involved with the creation of electricity and encourage people to use bicycles.

La Arcada de Adavinos A chance for Fling festival-goers to discover their true destiny, with the fortune teller, or make Voodoo with the witch doctor, whilst La Arcada de Adavinos' ' hosts guide them around their eerie, enchanting and unique collection of automata.

Chelmsford Institute of Animal Guides Ever wondered if you have a spirit guide animal looking over you? Ever wondered who your inner animal is? Do you have the powers of intuition of an owl, the intelligence of a wolf, or the conformity of a sheep? Who knows. Who cares? The Chelmsford Institute for Animal Guides does care and is here to help! Step inside, take the highly sophisticated test and then log your spirit animal on the Institute's pavilion walls.

Elation Station The Elation Station is where happiness is manifest. You'll create happiness and elation and share it throughout the festival. Warning: Elation is contagious. You are at a serious risk of being overjoyed!

Miss O''Genie It's a sideshow, a throwing game based on the traditional coconut shy - but with a twist. Beautifully-dressed dolls that represent different institutions are balanced on pedestals. Take aim with Miss O'Genie's delicious selection of plastic fruit and choose which character you'd like to knock down then listen to the women roar with laughter each time one is knocked off their perch... Backseat Confessions by Charlie Murphy A new live performance and installation celebrating some of the romantic and more sordid associations that many people have with the backs of cars. Over the course of the festival's afternoon and evening, Charlie and her collaborator, Chris Dobrowolski will invite a wide range of people to anonymously confess to what they've got up to inside cars. Charlie will then inscribe their stories for all to see... Barmy Biking A highly visual and unusual performance on, around and with exercise bikes by local theatre company, Footprints Theatre. Also a rare opportunity to win an egg and spoon race as never experienced before... Princes in the Tower Good morrow and welcome to Princes in the Tower, an early musicke three piece band known and loved for our innovative sounds. Not only will this trio of trubadours be on one of the open-air stages (see line-up elsewhere) also watch out for the wandering minstrels around the festival site.

Roller Disco As the name suggests, this is where all the participants wear roller skates of some kind and the surrounding music from the festival site should be sufficiently danceable... The rules are simple, skate in an anti-clockwise direction, no food or drinks allowed - and have a jolly nice time.

The Healer Are your bones and guts in a mess? Have you got Jazz on the brain? The Healer is able to cure ailments that sometimes you didn't realise you had, using ancient mystic techniques from the East, (Clacton). Seek him out as he wanders the festival site.

The Fowl Players present The Theatre Taxi Tardis Royalty has arrived - or has it? Maybe they've upped and left. And maybe they weren't anyone important anyway... The Fowl Players theatre company will be running about the festival bundling people inside their vehicle for some curious antics.

Festival Food & Drink We're very proud of the culinary delights on offer to you this year at The Fling. We've scoured the best in Essex and East Anglia to bring you treats to make your mouth water, set your taste buds tingling and stomachs groan with joy... From gourmet burgers and locally-sourced flame-grilled chicken to oriental and indian cuisine and wood-fired pizza. There's also the welcome return of Leon with the best vegetarian food in the business.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are cupcakes, cookies, ice cream and milkshakes.

There are five bars on site, carefully selected for their customer service, fair prices and great drink selection. They're provided by The Black Bull, Hopleaf, The Loop and acanteen.

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