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Iranian Social Media Users Comment on Sanctions Imposed by USA

June 5, 2013

Iranian social media users have commented on the reports that the White House has imposed new sanctions on Iran, including direct sanctions on Iranian national currency rial.

The report was published by BBC Persian and shared by Balatarin link-sharing website. ( 3329603)[fipBODYIN D]"In my opinion, such sanctions are imposed for the purpose of bringing hungry people to the streets. They would object to the living and economic conditions and the establishment will finally be overthrown by people," user "rooobah" wrote on 4 June.

User "vatandost" wrote on the same day: "More pressure on people will lead to stability of the establishment and decrease in social and economic freedoms in Iran".

"When will the USA realize that democracy will only be established in Iran when people enjoy the highest economic level... [ellipsis as published] When people are satisfied financially, they will care about freedoms. I have a question for the USA: If the economic situation in the USA gets as critical as in Iran, will anybody care about democracy anymore?" user "ronin" wrote on 4 June.

A commentary from was shared on Balatarin: ( 3329760)[fipBODYIN D]User "rezy" commented on 4 June: "Their purpose is to put more economic pressure on people so it would lead to unrest. However, it is not probable. The effect of such sanctions on Iran's market will not be much and long-term, because Iran's rial is not used in economic transactions and imposing sanctions on it could be only symbolic".

The report was also published on a Facebook page: (https://[ fipBODYIND]"They think people will rise against the establishment. But they are wrong," user "Ali Cl" wrote on 4 June.

User "Ardeshir Lashkary Iravany" wrote on the same day: "This ass Obama should deal with Bashar Assad instead of imposing new sanctions, which are to the detriment of people, not the establishment".

Source: (c) 2013 BBC Monitoring Central Asia. Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

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