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MASTERMINDS [Birmingham Mail (UK)]

June 29, 2013


theWeek 1. What award was given to Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, Martin Luther King in 1964 and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990? 2. What was the name of the dog in Peter Pan and Liz Smith's character in The Royle Family? "It is like shearing a all squealing and no 3. Who is the current shadow chancellor? 4. Manuka is a type of which sweet foodstuff? 5. In which city are the remains of the ship the Mary Rose kept? 6. At which sport did Mark Spitz win seven gold medals in 1972? Vladimir Putin passes enigmatic remark on contents of the computers of US whistleblower Edward Snowden 7. What is a Flemish giant? 8. John Wayne won an Oscar for his performance in what 1969 film, which was based on a novel by Charles Portis? 9. Which actress played a mermaid in the film Splash? 10. At which film festival is the Palm d`Or awarded? 11. Which London football team was formed from a company called Thames Ironworks? "12. True or False: 'Copyrightable' is the longest word in the English language that can be written without repeating a letter? 13. What is the more common name for the condition of otalgia? 14. In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, how many ghosts visited Scrooge? 15. Which sport features in the NATO phonetic alphabet? 16. What name is given to the southernmost point in South America? 17. For how many years was Queen Victoria queen of the United Kingdom? 18. Where might you come across a polar bear? At the north or south pole? 19. What colour is the bottom stripe on the USA flag? piglet -wool" MasterMinds an the 20. Which famous Scandinavian pop group got their name by the members taking the first letter of each of their names? 21. What yearly political event was broadcast live on British TV for the first time in March 1990? 22. Which silent film star was known as America's Sweetheart? 23. What is the name given to a young whale? 24. What is a chuckwalla? 25. Who played Mrs Robinson in the film The Graduate? 26. What is the more common name for anthropophagy? 27. Who wrote the book Moll Flanders in 1722? 28. In what year did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister? Go up to a woman and say, in your best Cockney accent, in a tone of genuine curiosity, 'What have you got in that 29. Who has had hit albums called Mutations and Midnite Vultures? Which folk opera did George Gershwin write the music for? 30. Which folk opera did George Gershwin write the music for? ANSWERS handbag?' It worked for me every time" West Ham; 12. False - it's 'uncopyrightable'; 13. Earache; 14. 4; 15. Golf; 16. Cape Horn; 17. 63; 18. North pole; 19. Red; 20. Abba; 21. The Budget; 22. Mary Pickford; 23. A calf; 24. A lizard; 25. Anne Bancroft; 26. Cannibalism; 27. Daniel Defoe; 28. 1979; 29. Beck; 30. Porgy and Bess - Rod Stewart on his best chat-up line 1. The Nobel Peace Prize; 2. Nana; 3. Ed Balls; 4. Honey; 5. Portsmouth; 6. Swimming; 7. A rabbit; 8. True Grit; 9. Daryl Hannah; 10. Cannes; 11.

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