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New Adobe Systems Survey Reveals Interesting Outlooks of Online Marketing, Wins Comment From Karl Talbot

Jun 19 2013 12:00AM



QUEBEC -- (Marketwired) -- 06/19/13 -- As the founder of TALK Enterprises -- a comprehensive marketing and business development firm -- Karl Talbot has an extensive understanding of what strategies are necessary to properly brand and market a business, individual or product. Talbot explains that in recent years, marketing efforts have dramatically shifted from traditional practices -- such as television and print advertising -- to more web-based strategies. Although he credits the value of online marketing in today's modern commercial market, Talbot explains that it is important to respect the power of traditional practices.

A recent article from BtoB cites new evidence that may support Karl Talbot's endorsement of marketing strategies that combine both traditional and online practices. Citing a recent study conducted by major tech brand Adobe, the article states, "A sizable percentage of marketers [believe] Web banner advertising is ineffective and traditional media, such as print newspapers and TV, are better sources for advertising and marketing than news websites, according to a study."

Specifically, the study found that "One-third (33 percent) of U.S. marketers and 36 percent of marketers worldwide agreed with the statement "Web banner advertisements do not work," the study found. When asked, "Which source is best for marketing and advertising?" traditional newspapers and TV topped the list, with 42 percent of U.S. marketers and 41 percent of international marketers choosing that response. News websites were rated best by only 13 percent of U.S. marketers and 17 percent of global marketers."

In response, Karl Talbot comments, "Having been in the marketing business for many years, I believe that there will always be a high value of potential offered by traditional channels, including television and print advertising. It is important to note that abandoning these avenues in favor of online marketing is probably not a wise choice, as this Adobe survey has indicated."

Talbot also credits the survey for offering a global perspective on the issue, as many foreign brands have proven less receptive to online marketing efforts. However, he also notes that the presence of online advertising is consistently rising and tactics are improving, suggesting the web-based strategies are going to remain a part of marketing culture for a long time.

"Although there are many people who view online advertising as ineffective, is it important for this percentage of marketers to not turn a blind eye to its possibilities. It is still fairly new and is becoming more powerful with each and every day. As such, I believe that the best approach to marketing is by combining traditional practices with web-based strategies," Karl Talbot concludes.


Karl Talbot is the innovative and driven founder of TALK Enterprises, a comprehensive business development firm that stands to offer solid services in marketing, technology and entertainment. As a seasoned professional of the marketing world, Talbot has had the ability to lead this company to success since its inception in 2010. Although TALK Enterprises serves a diverse set of clients from multiple industries, all efforts under the firm are designed to meet the same goal -- to produce unprecedented business growth and opportunities.

Source: Marketwire

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