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Efforts to Help Women Maintain Sobriety Applauded by ORCHID Recovery Center

Jun 19 2013 12:00AM



PALM SPRINGS, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 06/19/13 -- ORCHID Recovery Center is an organization that provides targeted substance abuse treatment to women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. As such, the facility is interested in supporting other initiatives across the country that are working to achieve the same goal (namely, long-lasting sobriety and healthier, happier lives for their patients). An article published by NBC has shed light on a new recovery house that was created by Anika Cooper, herself a recovering addict who has been sober for 18 years.

The article explains that Cooper started drinking when she was just 19 years old. Her substance abuse quickly escalated to include marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines. Cooper dropped down to 85 pounds and had one severe methamphetamine binge that prompted her to seek treatment for her addiction. After completing her treatment program, Cooper went to live with her grandmother in East Dallas.

Cooper credits the unconditional love and grace that her grandmother showed for her with her ability to maintain sobriety. To honor this unconditional love, Cooper has started Simply Grace, a charity that is targeted at helping other women to overcome substance abuse problems. She purchased her late grandmother's house and has since renovated the property in order to open it as a house for women who are in need of a stable environment after completing addiction treatment programs. The house will hold seven women, who will live there for one year. During this time, women will have the ability to search for jobs, attend meetings to support their sobriety, and maintain regular communication with their sponsors -- and they have to follow strict house rules that were designed in the best interest of all of the residents.

A representative from ORCHID Recovery Center explains just how important this type of supportive living environment is for women who are newly sober: "Making the transition from a treatment facility back into the 'real world' is not easy for individuals who are battling addiction. Going right back to their old job, their old home, and their old friends puts individuals right back into the habits that they are trying to overcome and can lead to a greater risk of relapse. By staying for a year in a recovery house, women have the ability to rebuild their lives in an environment that is free from drugs and alcohol -- and that encourages them to maintain their sobriety."

Ultimately, Cooper has created a place in which women can regain control over their lives and decide what is best for them in terms of where they will live, where they will work, etc. The professionals at ORCHID Recovery Center applaud the work that Cooper is doing and encourage interested individuals to support this and other non-profit endeavors that are helping women to overcome addiction.


ORCHID Recovery Center is a female-focused substance abuse treatment facility located in Palm Springs, Florida. With a comfortable environment that invites patients to relax, the facility has created a safe atmosphere and calls upon a holistic approach to assist women in achieving sobriety. The patients at the facility have access to yoga classes and a well-equipped gym and are provided with information regarding healthy eating habits by trained and experienced counselors.

Source: Marketwire