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Dr. Richard Arabitg Comments on Rising Trend of Upper Arm Lifts

Jun 18 2013 12:00AM



ORLANDO, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 06/18/13 -- Running a practice of his own, plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Arabitg is no stranger to patients wanting to improve their looks. A rising trend in upper arm lifts was examined in a recent article on As more patients seek to change something about themselves, Dr. Arabitg comments on the rising trend.

When working out at the gym just isn't providing the desired results, more people turn to plastic surgeons to help. According to the article, jiggly "batwings" have become a rising concern for many women. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) estimates that 2012 saw 15,457 upper arm lift surgeries. This is an astounding 4,473 percent increase from 2011. But why are so many people focused on their arms?

One possibility is extra skin resulting from significant weight loss. People who have bariatric surgery often have this problem. Once the weight is gone, the skin stays stretched. Of the 15, 457 arm lifts performed in 2012, approximately 42 percent followed significant weight loss.

A second possibility comes from celebrity influence. Patients see what celebrities have and want it for themselves. surveyed 1,219 women. According to the results, "nearly one-third said they'd most like to have Michelle Obama's arms, followed by Jennifer Aniston (29 percent), Jessica Biel (16 percent), Kelly Ripa (13 percent), and Demi Moore (11 percent)." It is not uncommon for celebrities to spark a plastic surgery trend. Kate Middleton's nose is popular in New York, and J.Lo's butt is desired around the world.

According to plastic surgeon and chairman of the ASPS public education committee David Reath, "these celebrities motivate patients to look better." As a plastic surgeon, it is his job to advise patients on their options and whether these looks are possible or realistic for them.

Dr. Richard Arabitg agrees. "I believe in being honest with my patients," he asserts. "I discuss their options and all of the risks involved. If I don't feel that a particular surgery is appropriate or feasible, I will not recommend it. But if it is an arm lift that will make them happy, and I can make it happen, I will." He is well accustomed to making patients' dreams a reality. He has many patients who come in with a desire to make a change. They want all of their hard work to pay off and have the body to prove it. Some want to the same features as their favorite celebrities. Whatever their reasons, he approaches each case with an open mind.

"I discuss options with the patient and find out their reasons behind wanting to change," he says. "I make sure that I fully understand the patient's wishes, and work with them to provide a solution." He and his staff are dedicated to providing a high quality experience and desired results. He realizes that having the look they desire, whether it is tighter arms, a flatter stomach, fewer wrinkles, or less cellulite, can boost confidence and self esteem. That is why he offers such a wide variety of services. He aims to meet the needs of his varied clientele. Dr. Richard Arabitg's experience and training help him provide impeccable results.


Dr. Richard Arabitg is the owner of Plastic Surgery of Central Florida. He is a licensed plastic surgeon as well as general surgeon. He helps patients to achieve their dreams of looking and feeling better about themselves. Dr. Arabitg offers a wide variety of services to his clients and strives to meet their needs.

Source: Marketwire

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