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Mexicans Want a Safe, Peaceful Country, Says Nieto

June 13, 2013
Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto

Pena Nieto accepts that the people demand to reduce violence, specifically related to murder, kidnapping and extortion.

The Mexico in Peace forum took place where proposals were collected for the preparation of the National Development Plan 2013 "I am convinced that if you can restore tranquillity, yes you can reduce violence"

President Enrique Pena Nieto changed his speech about the violence experienced in the country.

"Mexicans want a safe and peaceful country, where families can walk the streets without fear, for their public spaces, its parks. In which visitors, carriers and the general population, can travel freely through its roads and its highways "the president said yesterday in Monterrey.

The President participated in Mexico in Peace forum where proposals were collected civil society organizations, academics and security experts for the preparation of the National Development Plan 2013.

Pena Nieto acknowledged that society demands "and rightly so", to reduce violence and restore social harmony.

"They claim, security conditions for businesses and businesses to open and thrive in every corner of our territory," he said.

Also his interior minister, Miguel Osorio Chong, first accepted the ghost that will not go away: the situation of violence and insecurity in the country.

"We must recognize that the country faces a significant level of violence. The country perceived insecurity and crime as the most important problem to be solved, "said Osorio Chong.

He stressed that the situation is complicated and the diagnosis is clear: violence levels of the country's regions are related to the market of drug trafficking, organized crime, and social risk factors.

Just one week have reported that in the first months of government is experiencing a decline in rates of violence, the interior minister said the new government's security policy will focus on prevention and cooperation.

Warns Teachers

Osorio Chong also said the government of the republic will not allow violence take advantage of the environment to generate more violence.

A direct message to unsatisfied teachers who protest against education reform.

"No one can try to solve their demands affecting the rights of others, one above the interests of Mexico and all Mexicans," he said.

It's not easy to stop violence.

For his part, President Pena Nieto, who was visibly nervous, committing numerous stumbles when speaking, and with sweat on his forehead, began by expressing his sympathy to the victims of the attacks that occurred on Monday in the city of Boston.

"Acts of violence that hurt coexistence of society, therefore, go to the fraternal people of the United States, our greatest sympathy and wishes for this event is not going to generate greater acts of violence," he said.

After listing the axes of its security policy, planning, prevention, coordination, training, and evaluation constitutional reforms, the president said that in the first months of his administration, "significant casualties" and improvements could be seen referring to the decrease of certain crimes.

But he refrained from mentioning them in detail to avoid "falling into triumphalism" and warned that these signals also limited but significant success in reducing violence, not the general condition of the country.

"To reduce violence attachment and respect for the law there are no easy solutions or short routes," he added. "But it is possible."

Source: Copyright BBC Monitoring Americas 2013

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