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1Wealth Solutions Assess the Importance of Latest Economic Downgrades

Jun 13 2013 12:00AM



SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- (Marketwired) -- 06/13/13 -- There are growing concerns over the strength of Australia's economy and local investors might be feeling a little on edge. Goldman Sachs recently slashed growth forecasts amid concerns over the Asia region and Morgan Stanley has just jumped on the bandwagon, downgrading its economic growth forecast for Australia to 2.6% from 3.1% for next year. With yet another major firm citing a downgrade does this mean investors in the Australian stock market need to be pulling back. We spoke with the investment professionals at 1Wealth to see if they had any advice for investors.

1Wealth trading specialists are well placed to comment on the latest downgrade, they were one of the few firms to consistently produce positive returns for clients through the worst of the global financial crisis. 1Wealth has released a statement to the press outlining their attitude towards the latest series of downgrades.

Overall, 1Wealth are optimistic about the future for Australian stock market investors: "We have noted the recent downgrades but are upbeat about the stock market as a money-making tool in general." The company went on to say, "There may be a dip coming but it won't be across the board, the reasoning behind the latest downgrades is isolated to a few industries." They believe investors need to be vigilant about where their money is invested.

The downgrades serve as a warning to nonchalant investors. If you have investments or superannuation and you don't know exactly where or how it is being invested then this is an important time to gain control of your finances and ensure it is being cleverly controlled. 1Wealth offered this advice to investors: "Our clients have consistently made money through good times and bad times, they do that by following proactive strategies which analyse the market daily. You can't sit on your hands, do nothing and then get upset because you lose money. We offer investors a strategy that will serve them through any economic climate."

1Wealth Solutions don't guarantee massive windfalls but their consistent performance over the past ten years speaks volumes. 1Wealth Solutions have outperformed the highest ranking hedge funds by 400% since the beginning of 2013. The company's short term trading techniques are proving a winner among investors and have brought the company a healthy amount of respect in the industry.

In terms of the future of the Australian economy there are concerns. Weak data from China, a negative bias towards emerging market economies as investors lose confidence in quantitative easing and an absence of corporate investment are enough to justify the downgrades. However regardless of forecasts, the real lesson investors need to learn is they control their own fate. We no longer live in a world where stock brokers are placed on pedestals and the stock market is a mystical creation for the super rich.

Everyday investors have access to real information and can control their portfolios from the comfort of their own home. With a laptop and an internet connection, Mums and Dads can manage their own superannuation fund without the need for highly paid advisors. The GFC was a wake-up call and the downgrades are a timely reminder for investors who have taken their eye off the ball. Heed the warnings, take control of your finances and put plans in place that will protect you regardless of how the Australian economy performs over the next 12 months.

1Wealth offer an alternative means of investing that has proven successful in all market conditions. 1Wealth Solutions are simple to use and are suitable for new or experienced investors. The company was established as a sub division of One Financial Corporation in 2003 but is now a stand-alone entity with its main investment hub based in Sydney.

Source: Marketwire

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