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Travis Gilpin Comments on the Benefits of Hiring Younger Employees

Jun 12 2013 12:00AM



VICTORIA, TX -- (Marketwired) -- 06/12/13 -- Travis Gilpin serves as the Vice President of his family's engineering business. Travis has helped his family grow the business, and is now speaking out on a new article that explains the benefits of hiring younger employees. While some employers are reluctant to hire inexperienced workers, others have come to realize that these individuals can help bring enthusiasm and energy to a business, thus providing a revitalization of the firm.

Steve Mariotti is the founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which is a group that helps young people from low-income backgrounds learn about running a business. He comments on the benefits of hiring younger workers stating, "One thing that young people have is a fresh eye. Young people look at things with no bias and a different kind of energy than older people do."

It is common for both startups and large companies alike to lose sight of their founding principles as they develop and become more successful. In many instances, a youthful point of view can help to bring management and employees back to these core values, thus producing a higher quality good or service.

Mariotti supports this notion, stating, "They have a great feel for clarity. For instance, what are you selling, why are you selling it and why would anyone want to buy it? These are conversations that young people can have with entrepreneurs all the time. Young people can help you re-create yourself."

For startups and fairly new businesses, a young staff can prove essential to the success of the business. As professionals age, they tend to get more set in their ways, and may feel more hesitant about taking risks. Younger workers are generally more accepting of risks, knowing the rewards that they can bring. This "all in" approach to business can encourage management to try new approaches and take on new projects that they would not normally pursue, thus helping the company to develop and thrive.

Travis Gilpin comments on this idea, explaining, "In business, a unique approach is a must. For those who have been in the field for many years, it is sometimes hard to get back to this sense of creativity, and a younger, fresh take can often help to inspire this. New ideas and new insights are beneficial to the entire organization, especially upper management. For this reason, younger employees can prove tremendously useful in revitalizing a company's approach."

Working with a younger group can also help management professionals to get to the point and keep explanations simple. More experienced workforce veterans may come to accept jargon, but younger employees will generally be unfamiliar with this complex terminology. For this reason, they can encourage upper management to speak in simple terms, which makes business dealings with partners and clients more productive.

Travis Gilpin notes that a diverse group of employees is often the best way to gather a variety of perspectives and form innovative solutions to everyday business concerns.


Travis Gilpin serves as the Vice President of Consolidated Reinforcement, a Victoria, Texas-based engineering company. The business was created in 1976, and has since grown to become one of the largest post-tension and rebar companies in the country. Gilpin has helped his family to develop the organization, and also started his own company called Gilpin Extrusion.

Source: Marketwire

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