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Entravision Communications Corporation Announces Support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Entravision Communications Corporation , a diversified Spanish-language media company, today issued the following statement in support of immigration reform:<blockquote>

"Since 1996, Entravision Communications Corporation has served the Latino community in the United States through its broadcast operations provided by more than 50 television stations, 48 radio stations and digital platforms focused on the top 50 Latino markets in the country. As a local community broadcaster, Entravision has established its presence in the Latino community, thereby developing an understanding of the contributions, makeup and culture of the Latino population.

We understand and value the trust placed in our services by the Latino community, a population with enormous purchasing power and economic influence that contributes daily to the fabric of our nation. More importantly, we understand the impact that the current, broken immigration system has on our Latino viewers and the millions of undocumented immigrants seeking an opportunity to enter a path to citizenship in their adopted homeland.

As a leading business working daily with and committed to the Latino community, Entravision wholeheartedly supports a comprehensive immigration reform plan that includes, as its centerpiece, an equitable path to citizenship for the approximately eleven million individuals in America who want to become citizens.

The participation of Latinos in the recent national election has sent the message that it is paramount that the Latino population and its concerns be given due consideration - and immigration reform stands at the top of the list. We at Entravision call upon the United States Congress to put aside its partisan disputes and give bipartisan attention to enacting comprehensive immigration legislation that will reform the country's current immigration and citizenship system.

Resolving the problems with our immigration system will allow millions of immigrants to come to the fore of our democracy and become full participants in America's legal workforce, serving to strengthen the nation and empower its economic standing. We will all benefit from it.

As members of Congress deliberate over the terms of immigration reform, Entravision stands in unity with the Latino population in calling upon Congress to enact smart and sensible immigration legislation in 2013 that contains, among other provisions, a clear path to citizenship for the currently undocumented."</blockquote>Entravision

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