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The Makers of Hydroxycut Encourage Positive Self-Image

May 6 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 05/06/13 -- The makers of Hydroxycut understand that, for individuals who are overweight, having a positive self-image may prove extremely difficult. Because so many people tie their identities with their body image, it can be a challenge to forge a positive, strong self-image while simultaneously engaging in a weight loss strategy. But an article recently published by SHAPE offers several tips to assist individuals in creating a higher degree of self-esteem.

The first tip that is provided by the article is to talk to oneself in a positive manner: "Do you talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend? Facing your internal dialogue is important because even unspoken thoughts deeply affect how you feel. Negative self-talk leads to negative emotions, which can trigger you to cope in an unhealthy way. Start talking to yourself (even in your head) in ways that are caring, self-nurturing, and reflect how you'd talk to the people you love most."

The next tip that the article offers is to focus on physical wellbeing, rather than weight or clothing size. This means concentrating on taking care of oneself "from the inside out" by creating a well-rounded lifestyle that entails a regular sleep schedule, adequate exercise, and a nutritious diet.

The article also encourages individuals to focus on the positive aspects of their bodies that are not related to image. For instance, individuals might focus on their ability to carry heavy objects, dance, walk, run, and engage in other activities.

The final tip provided by the article is to participate in a physical activity that allows individuals to enjoy themselves without focusing on how many calories they are burning. Swimming and yoga are all cited as wonderful outlets that allow individuals to stay active while having fun and not concentrating specifically on weight loss.

The makers of Hydroxycut encourage individuals who are looking to lose weight to take these suggestions to heart: "Having a positive self-image allows individuals to remain optimistic about their weight loss and, ultimately, avoid behaviors that might sabotage their efforts to lose excess pounds, such as binge eating."

The makers of Hydroxycut also point to the fact that a positive level of self-esteem will improve overall quality of life as a reason to implement these tips.


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