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Pros at Xzilon Comment on Emerging Gap Between Dealers, F&I Industry

May 22 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 05/22/13 -- There is a growing gap in the automotive industry, a gap between the dealer and the F&I vendor; this gap has caught the attention of Xzilon, a company that seeks to provide superior F&I services to automotive dealers across the country. To illustrate its point, Xzilon points to a recent article from Automotive News, which highlights the chasm that has emerged between auto dealers and their F&I vendors. The article claims that, these days, many dealers -- including the large, publicly-traded dealers -- offer only three or four F&I services, including GAP products, extended-service contracts, and prepaid maintenance. While dealers are offering fewer F&I services than ever, however, their F&I vendors themselves are trying to sell twice as many products. Meanwhile, most consumers simply want a more efficient process. Xzilon has issued a new statement to the press, commenting on this critical gap.

The Automotive News article goes on to speculate as to the reasons why auto dealers continue to promote the same old services, such as prepaid maintenance plans and service contracts. Not only are these the biggest sellers, the article states, but they also help dealers keep their service lanes full with repeat customers.

At the same time, many F&I vendors are working on increasingly high-tech offerings. It is increasingly common for F&I vendors to provide electronic menus, allowing dealers to "stock" more products more easily, and to modify those service offerings to meet customer profiles. Additionally, more and more vendors are seeking to push "bundled" products and service plans.

According to Xzilon, the answer to this fundamental disconnect is for dealers and F&I vendors to meet somewhere in the middle. The company's new press statement comments on the issue and offers some suggestions for improvement. "That dealers do not want to pay for new product bundles when the old war horses still work so well is understandable," the company begins.

"However, it is important for auto dealers to note that some of the latest innovations being peddled to them are truly excellent products, capable of meeting the needs of auto dealers and consumers alike," Xzilon continues. The company cites its own protective coating products as an example. "The Xzilon protective coating is an offering that benefits the client as well as the dealer, as it leads to a better-protected automobile and, ultimately, to higher levels of customer satisfaction."

The Xzilon protective coating products are sold in all fifty states, and used by dealers from coast to coast. The company's product line includes "green" offerings, as well as protective coatings designed for airplanes. Xzilon is a company that is passionate for offering maximum value to auto dealers and consumers alike.


Xzilon is a company that proudly manufactures protective coating products, designed to keep automobiles and airplanes safe, lustrous, and looking brand new. The company provides its products to dealers and auto retailers across the country. Additionally, Xzilon is pleased to lead its industry in the manufacturing of "green" products. Ultimately, Xzilon is zealous to provide auto owners with the most reliable vehicle protection products on the market.

Source: Marketwire

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