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Groundbreaking Research on Bipolar Disorder Highlighted by Canadian Center of Science and Education

May 22 2013 12:00AM



TORONTO -- (Marketwired) -- 05/22/13 -- The Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) is an organization that is continually assisting with the funding of research efforts. The CCSE is dedicated to assisting researchers across numerous subject areas in securing the financial support they need to complete their work because these initiatives are crucial to better understanding the world and the people who inhabit it. Recently, the CCSE has learned of a groundbreaking research project taking place at the Vancouver General and University of B.C. hospitals. According to an article published by The Vancouver Sun, the project is taking a closer look at how people with bipolar disorder are able to cope and live successful lives despite their illnesses. Here, the CCSE provides more information about this breakthrough initiative and encourages researchers to continue to explore the area of mental health.

In the article, Dr. Erin Michalak explains the reason that she decided to take this angle when designing the initiative: "When I started research on bipolar disorder the message one got was that it's a pretty bad-news story. It's certainly true that suicide rates are high, and there's lots of disability, which can impair people and destroy relationships and families.

"But something we didn't hear much about was that there are lots of people with severe forms of mental illness -- such as severe bipolar disorder where the person has been hospitalized and experienced psychosis -- who have learned over time to function really well with their condition.

"Bipolar disorder is often treated with medication but for most people to have good health and quality of life, medication in isolation is not enough."

With these ideas in mind, Dr. Michalak has created CREST.BD, which is a one-of-a-kind program that entails the study of bipolar disorder by individuals who have this condition. Called Knowledge Translation in Bipolar Disorder, the initiative encompasses 30 researchers and over 12 individuals who are living with bipolar disorder within Canada. Additionally, hundreds of individuals who are living with the condition are also involved in less prominent roles.

The Canadian Center of Science and Education is interested to see how this program ends its three-year run, as it holds a great deal of promise as an avenue by which researchers can learn more about how individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder can regain control of their lives through a combination of medications and other approaches. The Canadian Center of Science and Education encourages researchers to continue to develop their knowledge in the field of mental health.


The Canadian Center of Science and Education is an organization that is devoted to facilitating the funding of research projects and has participated in multiple efforts to improve knowledge in numerous subject areas. The Center supports positive education and research environments and is dedicated to scientific integrity, respect in the workplace and academic excellence. Aside from assisting with the funding of important research initiatives, the Center publishes over 40 scholarly journals, which allow researchers to share their findings within the highly trusted peer-review format. Furthermore, the dissemination of this information improves the overall knowledge level of the academic population and contributes to improved research efforts. The Center anticipates continuing to support education and research programs in an effort to create a brighter future for upcoming generations.

Source: Marketwire

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