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Benefits of Panchakarma Highlighted by AUM Ayurveda Practitioner

May 22 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 05/22/13 -- AUM Ayurveda, practiced by Vaidya Priyanka, is an Ayurvedic approach that encourages the strengthening of the connection between the body and the mind and the healing of the physical self through the use of authentic, universal and meditative remedies. But the AUM Ayurveda approach works in conjunction with other traditional Ayurvedic practices, including Panchakarma. A method of detoxification, Panchakarma is an important aspect of the Ayurvedic tradition that is being offered in an increasing number of Ayurvedic spas, according to an article published by SFGate. Here, Vaidyaji explains what Panchakarma is and how it is used to assist patients in achieving a higher degree of wellbeing.

The article explains: "Panchakarma is traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine to heal a variety of diseases. It is an intensive therapy best performed at a time when the patient has adequate time to rest. Panchakarma can last between 7-30 days. Panchakarma is unlike any other detoxification treatments because it is designed to remove ama (toxins) and excess dosha [...] The process of Panchakarma removes ama and clears the way for the body to re-establish an internal state of balance and harmony."

This particular treatment is one that can assist with a wide range of conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, candida and chronic respiratory disease. The article explains that this approach has been utilized for thousands of years and that it is able to rejuvenate the internal energy of an individual. Patients who undergo this therapy must prepare by maintaining a special diet to bring the ama up to the digestive system. They also undergo oil and heat therapies while taking herbal combinations that are meant to aid in the process. Furthermore, throughout the treatment, individuals are given Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara (a therapy that utilizes warm herbal oil) and Swedana (a therapy that utilizes steam). These different remedies are targeted at working the ama loose within the body and pushing it into the digestive system, from which it can exit the body.

The process of eliminating the ama from the body requires a purgative and enemas. The purgative is used to clean the small intestine, while herbal enemas clear out the colon. Furthermore, nasya is used to clear the sinuses and is followed by herbal oils that are allowed to soak into the passages of the nasal system.

Vaidyaji encourages individuals who are interested in learning more about Panchakarma to reach out to a local, experienced Ayurvedic healer. AUM Ayurveda is a wonderful way for individuals to achieve a higher degree of wellbeing while relying solely on natural therapies.


AUM Ayurveda is an approach to healthcare that entails the use of authentic, universal and meditative remedies and resources. Practiced by Ayurvedic healer Vaidya Priyanka, this form of medicine allows individuals to strengthen the connection between the mind and the body in a natural and holistic manner. Vaidyaji calls upon yoga, diet, meditation and herb-based remedies, as well as other resources, to help her patients overcome health conditions and injuries. Additionally, these treatments can be used in a preventative manner and, as such, are encouraged to assist individuals in keeping disease at bay. Vaidyaji uses Ayurvedic medicine to assist her patients in achieving a higher degree of wellbeing and an improved quality of life.

Source: Marketwire

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