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According to Anne Germain, Interview Questions Bolster a Candidate's Appeal

May 20 2013 12:00AM



LONDON -- (Marketwired) -- 05/20/13 -- Anne Germain, who is a former human resources professional, knows that the interview process is key when it comes to determining whether a candidate is a proper fit for that organization. Many job seekers falsely believe that an interview is all about the hiring manager asking questions of them. In reality, job seekers who stand out also ask their fair share of questions. These inquiries show that this individual is engaged and has studied the company where they are interviewing. A new article gives tips for job seekers on how they can tweak their questions to make them more effective.

Many candidates have heard that it is wise to inquire about the culture found at that company. It shows that the individual is interested in becoming a part of the business on many levels. However, the standard, "What is the company culture like?" question is tired. Instead, interviewees should offer a statement about what they already know about life at that office. Then, take it a step further and say, "Tell me about the organization's founders. What are their personalities like? How do these traits impact your search for an employee who will blend in?" This illustrates a deep level of analysis and concern about company culture, and is more involved than a generic question about life at that office.

Candidates also regularly ask about what that hiring manager is searching for in a candidate. Instead of firing off this question, job seekers are encouraged to offer a few statements about what they do well, and then ask the hiring manager to speak about the best hires they have made. The question gives the person a chance to hit on some of the major traits that make employees at that organization successful, while approaching the subject in a more interesting way. It also allows the candidate to subtly highlight his or her strengths.

Anne Germain comments on this advice stating, "By now, everyone knows that asking questions is an important part of showing interesting and preparedness in an interview. However, the same blanket, boring questions won't make a candidate stand out in an interview. Instead, the interviewee must take time to really think about questions that speak specifically to that organization's strengths and values."

In an interview situation, many candidates feel pressured to blatantly sell their skills and knowledge. While this conversation is certainly the time to let accomplishments shine, candidates must do so in a tactful and tasteful way. One of the best ways to do this is to let them come out through a well-crafted question. Instead of just asking about the opportunity for growth at the firm, an interviewee can lead the question by explaining the promotions and progression that happened at their past employers. They can then use this information to ask a question about how growth happens within this organization. It allows the candidate to show off their successes, without coming across as boastful and arrogant.

Anne Germain comments on this suggestion stating, "Candidates must walk a fine line between bragging and failing to show that interviewer why they are special; explaining promotions while asking a question helps to highlight accomplishments in an appealing way."


Anne Germain spent two decades as a human resources manager before committing her life to her work as a spiritual medium and reiki master. Anne German regularly does private readings, as well as public demonstrations, which are done in front of a packed house. Anne frequently travels around the world, and regularly visits southern Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.

Source: Marketwire

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