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April 30, 2013


Nepal, April 30 -- Priyanka Karki may be just a few films old, but she has certainly created space for herself in the Nepali film industry. She is a model and a dancer, and made her acting debut in film with a scene in 3 Lovers. She has since acted in films such as Kollywood and Vigilante, and says she's excited about being part of a changing and developing Nepali film industry. The Post's Rajita Dhungana caught up with the vivacious actress, getting to know her aspirations and talking to her about her life and interests in the process. Your most recent film, Vigilante, saw good returns at the box office and met with positive audience response. Has that spurred you on in some way?

I'm really happy that Vigilante, Nepal's first 3D film, received very good responses. I signed Bhaskar Dhungana's Suntali after Vigilante, and will also be doing another film by Subash Koirala. Jholay, a film in which I star opposite Dayahang Rai, will also be releasing soon.

Your hands seem full at the moment. What do you usually do when you are free?

The Nepali market has become a very good place for actors these days. Even when you're not doing films, you don't have to stay free unless you actually want to. There are ads, music videos...

The only thing we have to do in this industry is work hard.

Whenever I'm done shooting for a film, I like spending at least four or five days with my friends and family. I want to be away from the camera and enjoy a little time for myself because I think 'alone time' is very important. There's always this other person, a real person, behind an actor. Also, I have this cute little dog, Snowy. I love playing with her whenever I get the time to do so.

You started you career as a model. Was it difficult for you to make the leap, as it were, into acting?

For me, the leap wasn't a very difficult one. I have always wanted to become an actor. As a child I did Mahadevi, and as a teenager, I appeared in Hijo Aaja Ka Kura. My family always supported my pursuits and encouraged me. This interest led me to study acting and filmmaking in the US, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Even though I had never really thought of making my career in the Nepali film industry, I am really happy to be working at home with a really talented bunch of new filmmakers who have a lot of ideas to offer.

So, is it modelling or acting that you enjoy most?'s acting that gives me more happiness. I get to live so many lives and it is fun. But there's always a risk of not being able to convince your audience as an actor. With modelling, there is less criticism. Only you, and not the entire team, will be accountable for your mistakes. Still I like taking up the challenge, and am trying to become a good actor.

What about your interest in dance?

My passion for dance was ignited when I was very young. As a little girl, I took up Bharatanatyam, and I have always felt good while dancing. I believe dance is also a good form of exercise. I zumba these days, and that keeps the dancer in me alive. I also do stage shows whenever I'm asked to perform.

Do you plan on becoming a filmmaker someday?

I certainly want to take up filmmaking, but that'll be only after I gather enough knowledge and expertise. At the moment, I'm quite new to the industry and want to know how things work here. Since I've always loved acting, I'm happy with it right now.

Are there any actors you look up to as an inspiration?

I really like Johnny Dpp. He is a versatile actor and the way he gets into all his characters is amazing. Among actresses, I really like Vidya Balan. She has proven that it is the acting that counts in the end, not your body or a hotshot image. I also like Priyanka Chopra. She is very hard working, and the growth

she's shown is nothing short of tremendous.

And in the Nepali film industry? Is there anyone you'd like work with?

I would really like to work with directors Alok Nembang and Bhusan Dahal. I'd like it if I became their heroines someday.

Do you like travelling? Any favourite destinations?

Yes, I like to travel. I'm always excited about discovering new places and am not really fond of visiting any given place more than twice. I'm always ready to go if it's a new place I'll be visiting. Among the places I've been so far, I really liked Bandipur. It is a small, but beautifully managed place. I also liked Miami. The weather there is beautiful.

Are you quite conscious about your diet and all?

I believe in eating and exercising rather than starving. Your face will lose its charm if you stop eating. I don't like being skinny. I like to stay fit and healthy.

What about fashion and brands then?

Being a public figure, I think I should be presentable every time. So I do care about how I look. But I'm not really conscious about brands. Branded clothes certainly look good when compared to others because they're better stitched and of better quality. But if you pick clothes that suit you personality, ordinary clothes will look just as fine.

Tell us something that your fans don't know about you.

I am a very sensitive person and cry easily. I end up taking everything personally, even if others are only joking. This is one side of mine that I really want to change.

If not an actor, what would you have become?

After I watched Legally Blonde, I really wanted to become a lawyer. I actually started looking for law schools at the time. But that was just momentary I guess. Even if I had become a lawyer, I would surely have come back to this field after a point of time.

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