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The Team Behind Hydroxycut Encourages Individuals to Find a Perfect Soundtrack for Workouts

Apr 8 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 04/08/13 -- The makers of Hydroxycut support the efforts of individuals to lose weight, and as such they are continually providing individuals with information via press releases and other content that can assist them in achieving their goals. Recently, Salon published an article, originally released by Scientific American, which supports the idea that music is a great accompaniment to an effective workout. Whether they prefer to listen to high energy music, an audio book, or their favorite podcast, individuals are encouraged to utilize their headphones when hitting the gym.

While the idea of listening to music or other forms of auditory information seems cut and dry, the fact of the matter remains that choosing the right music, audio book or podcast can prove difficult. Individuals must find a mode of entertainment that keeps their minds engaged and encourages them to push through when their workouts get tough.

The article asserts: "Selecting the most effective workout music is not as simple as queuing up a series of fast, high-energy songs. One should also consider the memories, emotions and associations that different songs evoke. For some people the extent to which they identify with the singer's emotional state and viewpoint determines how motivated they feel. And, in some cases, the rhythms of the underlying melody may not be as important as the cadence of the lyrics."

The makers of Hydroxycut urge individuals who are looking to lose weight to consider these details when putting their workout playlist together. The goal is to stay energized throughout the exercise session, both physically and mentally, and this means that individuals must tailor the soundtracks that they create to their personal preferences.

"Some people like to listen to books to keep their minds engaged and allow their bodies to exercise without over thinking it all," explains a representative behind Hydroxycut. "Others like to listen to high-energy dance music that keeps their bodies moving. Others, still, might prefer to listen to a humorous podcast. No matter what individuals prefer, though, it is important that they understand their preferences and create playlists that will allow them to engage in the most successful workout possible."


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Source: Marketwire

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