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Dr. Andre Hobbs Offers Insight Into Drug-Free Back Pain Relief

Apr 8 2013 12:00AM



CORAL GABLES, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 04/08/13 -- Dr. Andre Hobbs, medical director at The Center for Quality Pain Care, PA, has responded to an article published by the Huffington Post regarding the benefits of walking in a press statement. The article puts forth that walking could, according to a new study, be a wonderful way to alleviate back pain. Dr. Hobbs agrees that walking can prove beneficial, but he asserts that targeted, drug-free pain relief should be approached on a case by case basis.

The article explains that a new study has revealed that a daily walking routine could improve the wellbeing of individuals who experience pain in the lower back. During the study, 52 patients who led sedentary lifestyles and suffered from chronic low back pain were given questionnaires to assess their pain levels, disability, avoidance of activities, and walking and muscle endurance. For six weeks, half of these participants engaged in muscle strengthening exercises and the other half completed 20 minute walks on the treadmill (which were increased to 40 minutes as physical endurance improved). The results indicate that walking is "as effective as treatment that could have been received in the clinic," according to Dr. Michael Katz-Leurer, one of the study's lead researchers.

"Exercise, in general, is important for low back pain sufferers," asserts Dr. Andre Hobbs, "however, please remember that there are different causes of low back pain. For example, a walking program in the presence of a radiculopathy, or leg pain, may not be the best program depending on the cause. I would suggest consulting with a physician prior to embarking on such a program in this case. Yoga, on the other hand, is excellent for most types of causes of low back pain. As long as the individual progresses at their own pace in relation to the exercises performed, then it comes be very beneficial."

Dr. Hobbs goes on to note: "Manipulative treatment can help low back pain; however, it can be condition dependent. Manipulative treatment is perfect for laborers or for people with physically demanding jobs or crazy hobbies, such as martial arts or skydiving. These activities cause biomechanical shifts to the joint alignment of the spine that can be corrected by manipulative therapies. Some people, because of a previous history of playing sports, being in a motor vehicle accident, or working in a physically demanding job, can have chronic symptoms of malalignment of the spine. In these patients, periodic manipulative treatments can be beneficial to realign the spine."

Dr. Andre Hobbs encourages individuals who are suffering from low back pain to speak to a healthcare professional about their treatment options.


Andre Hobbs, MD is the owner, president, and medical director of The Center for Quality Pain Care, PA. Dr. Hobbs holds a bachelor of science in the biological sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago, from which he graduated with honors and departmental distinction. He additionally holds a medical doctorate from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain medicine though the American Board of Medical Specialties, Dr. Andre Hobbs is dedicated to providing his patients with a high quality of care.

Source: Marketwire

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