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Local Farm, Food and Jobs Act Offers Strong Possibilities in Sustainability and Health Trends, Agriculture Advocate Keri Aivazis Comments

Apr 30 2013 12:00AM



LOS ANGELES, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/30/13 -- As the co-owner of a farm-fresh grocery store and advocate of the farm-to-fork movement, Keri Aivazis believes that local agriculture plays a major role in how communities access and embrace healthier foods. As an entrepreneur that believes there is great potential to advance nutritional awareness through local farms, Aivazis remains encouraged by the Local Farm, Food and Jobs Act that was recently proposed to Congress.

Keri Aivazis notes a recent article from The Columbus Dispatch that highlights the recent introduction of the act -- one that has reportedly endured a long path to gaining recognition. The article states, "Advocates of sustainable farming and regional food systems are applauding the Local Farm, Food and Jobs Act, a federal bill they say has the potential to expand markets for farmers and get more healthy food in the hands of consumers." The Act -- proposed by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) -- was introduced earlier this month to Congress and Senate with hopes that it would "make it into a five-year farm bill later this year."

As for the specifics of the Act, the article explains that it is outlined to address "infrastructure, marketing and information barriers" that impact local agriculture and the commerce that surrounds it. In the article, the National Sustainable-Agriculture Coalition states, "The Act offers something for each of the seven titles in the farm bill, including proposals addressing crop insurance, farm credit, nutrition, rural development, research and extension, horticulture and livestock."

Many within the industry, including Keri Aivazis, have expressed support for the bill as they believe that it will offer greater opportunity for success to local farmers, provide healthier foods to communities all over the country and allow for greater employment within the industry. The article quotes MacKenzie Bailey -- policy program coordinator for the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association -- who states, "Sen. Brown's bill will boost income and market opportunities for Ohio farmers, secure funding for critically important programs that support family farms, expand new farming opportunities, and invest in the local agriculture economy."

Keri Aivazis explains, "This bill offers immense opportunity when compared to previous ones that have been approved on a federal level. It seems that this Act is growing in regard, as it is structured to provide lasting, sustainable farming for years to come."

While Keri Aivazis remains inspired by the Act's focus on protecting local farms and their economic value, she notes another benefit, "It is my hope that if this Act gains full force that healthy, local and organic foods will become less of a novelty and more a mainstream expectation of the American public."

Keri Aivazis is a veteran of the food services industry, and a strong advocate for the farm-to-fork movement; her passion is for providing the Los Angeles community with fresh and tasty foods from local farmers and agriculturalists. Currently, Aivazis co-owns Urban Radish, a farm-fresh grocery store in the Los Angeles Arts District.

Source: Marketwire

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