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Keeping Up With Workouts Is Possible When on the Road According to the Makers of Hydroxycut

Apr 3 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 04/03/13 -- The makers of Hydroxycut know that traveling can cause a major problem for individuals who are trying to stick to a regular exercise routine. From disrupted schedules to minimal workout equipment, travelers experience a wide range of challenges that can interfere with their workout efforts; however, Lifehacker recently released an article that provides travelers with a few solutions to this common problem. Here, the makers of Hydroxycut share this insight and weigh in with a few recommendations of their own.

One of the most important things to remember about exercise when traveling, according to the article, is that working out does not necessarily require a great deal of equipment. In fact, many exercise routines can be completed with no accessories at all, as they rely on body weight resistance to tone and tighten muscles while burning calories. As such, travelers can exercise in their rooms using their own memorized moves or the guidance of an exercise app on their smartphone.

The article next proposes that travelers seek out local gyms that are either free or are relatively cheap. Finding a hotel that has a gym is a wonderful option, but individuals who have a gym membership might also see if there are any branches of the company they are enrolled with at their destination. If no gym is available, a jog through the city is a great way to explore a new destination while fitting some cardio into an otherwise tight schedule.

"Working out while on the road is never easy," asserts a professional behind Hydroxycut, "but the truth is that it is worth it for individuals who are dedicated to losing weight. As such, these are fantastic tips that Lifehacker has provided, as they offer creative solutions to the challenges that travelers often face with regard to exercise on the go. We also encourage individuals to recruit the support of their colleagues if they are traveling for business, as they might be able to accompany local co-workers to their gym using a buddy pass. Additionally, travelers might bring resistance bands and other lightweight yet useful workout accessories with them if they prefer that form of exercise."

No matter how they engage in exercise while on the go, the makers of Hydroxycut urge individuals to continue with their workout efforts once they return home. While taking a day off here and there is important to allow the body to recover, it is equally as important to stick to a regular routine.


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