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Anne Germain Reflects on a New Piece of Technology That Helps Individuals Cope With Loss

Apr 24 2013 12:00AM



LONDON -- (Marketwired) -- 04/24/13 -- Anne Germain, a spiritual medium who helps individuals cope with the loss of a loved one, is reflecting on an innovative new app that helps families deal with death. A new article from The Wall Street Journal explains that the app is called Everplans, and it helps users work through the various aspects that must get taken care of when a loved one passes away. The app includes information to cater to a variety of situations. It features information on eldercare and end-of-life decisions, how to approach the period after death, and tips on how to properly support someone who has recently experienced a loss.

The creator of the app, Abby Schneiderman, explains that the idea came to her when she was married and expecting a baby. She comments that she used a variety of online resources to help her prepare for these positive life changes, but noted that there was less information available to those who were dealing with loss. Since many adult children rely heavily on technology, Schneiderman decided to create a tool that could offer guidance in this area.

Currently, the site provides step-by-step paths that are customized based on an individual's particular situation. The ultimate goal is to further personalize the product, thus offering each user a truly unique experience. Everplans also offers "The Everplans Workbook," which coaches people on having the end-of-life planning conversation in a comfortable and easy way. The app also includes a workbook where a person can put important information, such as their account usernames and passwords, therefore enabling friends and family to gain access to these necessary details in the event that the person dies.

Anne Germain supports this piece of technology by stating, "Many people avoid thinking about these issues until they absolutely have to. It's tough enough to deal with the loss of a loved one, but then having to manage various details can become overwhelming. This helps to take some of the stress out of the entire process."

Though the app is no replacement for legal or medical counsel, it fills a previously unmet niche. Schneiderman explains, "We can't replace the legal or medical or financial guidance of a licensed expert, and we don't try to. What we do is offer an overview of the life-planning process, arm people with the tools and information they need, and prepare them to make tough decisions that will invariably come up. For example, when you're writing a will, you're going to have to name an executor, and we help you think through that decision."

Anne notes, "Even for those who haven't experienced a loss, this app allows plans to be put in place so that an individual is sure that their end-of-life wishes are taken care of exactly as they had hoped." Anne Germain also appreciates the fact that this app is free of charge to users.


Anne Germain is a spiritual medium who lives in the UK and brings her work to Spain and other locations around the globe. She helps individuals to fight a fear of death and dying. She began her practice in 1985 in the form of private sessions and public demonstrations. In 2006, she took her business full-time.

Source: Marketwire

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