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iPhone 6 Focus of Attention, Not iPhone 5S

April 23, 2013

Even though the iPhone 5S will be making its debut in the markets in just a few short months, the industry's and the consumers' interest seems to be not on the iPhone 5S, but on Apple, Inc.'s next big project--the iPhone 6. We have discussed the possible features of the iPhone 6, so let us explore the probable reasons why all the attention seems to be focused on the later model.

Apple has yet to confirm the release of the iPhone 5S, but some tech pundits have predicted that the 5S will be shown to the world during Apple's WWDC this coming June, and it is most likely that the phone will be released soon afterwards. For the iPhone 6, however, rumor has it that release won't be until the summer of 2014, or at the very earliest, spring. It's strange to note, then, that consumers are more excited about the iPhone 6--which probably won't debut for another year--than the iPhone 5S that we will most likely be seeing in a few months' time. The question remains: why?

The Phones Review team has definitely noted more excitement in posts about the iPhone 6--these articles seem to be more popular and generate more comments than those of the iPhone 5S. However, we're not the only ones who have noticed this trend. If you take a look at Google Trends, you'll find that there is double the interest in the iPhone 6 than the iPhone 5S. And this is not a recent trend either--there have been more interest in the iPhone 6 than the iPhone 5S even before the iPhone 5 was released.

Google Trends is a nifty application that allows users to search data over time of various items of interest just by typing in search terms. The image above charts iPhone 6 searches (marked in blue) and iPhone 5S searches (marked in red), and dates back to July 2012 to April 2014. The first noticeable thing, of course, is the exponential increase of iPhone 6 searches just after the release of the iPhone 5 last September 2012. And although the image also shows that searches for the iPhone 6 have dropped significantly starting October, they have still been higher than those of the iPhone 5S.

Why, then, is the iPhone 6 generating much more interest than the iPhone 5S?

Some say that it has to do a lot with the name rather than the device itself. Many consumers assume that the iPhone 6 is next-in-line to the Apple throne, completely unaware that Apple is in fact releasing an iPhone 5S. So it's not exactly the iPhone 6 that they're interested in, but the next model to be released after the iPhone 5.

We asked our readers if Apple should overhaul its present naming system and skip 5S in order to move directly to iPhone 6. One of the reasons why this suggestion was put forward was because how the next iPhone model is named could be a reason why there's less interest in its release--most consumers are not expecting to see any major changes in the iPhone 5S and are much more drawn to the iPhone 6.

Most techies agree that the iPhone 5S will most likely undergo only a minor refresh and won't stray away too much from the iPhone 5, and that the iPhone 6 will definitely be more groundbreaking. This strengthens most consumers' assumption that the iPhone 5S will be no more than just a 'filler' phone with very little real changes rather than a completely different iPhone. Thus, consumers are more attracted to the iPhone 6 because it seems as though it has more to offer.

What would be your choice? The iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S? Once they are released we will compare all the prices and deals on the new iPhones so you can get the best price.

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