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Anne Germain: Reiki Can Improve Quality of Life

Apr 22 2013 12:00AM



LONDON -- (Marketwired) -- 04/22/13 -- Anne Germain, a noted spiritual medium and Reiki master, understands that Reiki is a form of healing that has positively touched the lives of countless individuals. As such, she asserts that this particular treatment option is one that can complement traditional medical practices by increasing positivity and overall wellbeing both mentally and physically. Here, Anne responds to an article posted by The National that shares the story of Dana Al Jama, who alleviated panic attacks and claustrophobia through the Reiki approach.

According to the article, Al Jama suffered from severe panic attacks and claustrophobia that resulted in her not being able to ride in a car. She scheduled a consultation with a doctor, who provided her with a prescription for pharmaceuticals to alleviate her anxiety; however, Al Jama wanted a solution that would fix her problems, not just their symptoms. She decided to undergo Reiki healing. After just two weeks of treatment, the article reports, Al Jama's condition had improved tremendously -- she was even able to drive again.

"Reiki is an amazingly powerful complementary treatment," asserts Anne Germain. "Unfortunately, though, many people turn to it when they feel as though they have reached the end of all other available orthodox treatments. Reiki would be a perfect treatment to bring into medical centers, as it would benefit patients alongside traditional medical treatments because it can work so well with both physical and emotional health issues. With Reiki, there really isn't any issue if the individual receiving treatment believes in it or not -- they will often begin to feel a benefit anyway, as well as a renewed vigor for life."

Anne encourages individuals who are not familiar with the Reiki form of treatment to learn more about this important practice. During a session, the practitioner interacts with the life force points, or energy points, along an individual's body without actually touching them. As such, they are able to rebalance the energies within the body and ensure the health of the seven chakras. The result is a more positive mental outlook and rejuvenated physical state. Anne reports that many of her clients feel as though they have a fresh, new attitude after undergoing treatment -- and that this attitude contributes to their ability to achieve their goals.

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Anne Germain is a spiritual medium and Reiki master who additionally practices as a clinical hypnotherapist. Anne lives in the United Kingdom but practices around the world, particularly in the country of Spain. Through her practice, Anne is able to assist individuals in gaining the closure and peace they need regarding the loss of a loved one. Anne started conducting private readings and public demonstrations in 1985 and, in 2006, started working as a spiritual medium on a full-time basis. Additionally, Anne has shared her talents via television and other appearances.

Source: Marketwire

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