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Film-rating Descriptors to Add Detail for Parents, Kids

April 17, 2013

Hollywood will employ a redesigned rating system to inform parents of what their kids are watching, the Motion Picture Association of America announced Tuesday.

Though studios will retain the current rating grades from G to NC-17, the MPAA will include a redesign and new wording to inform parents that trailers have been approved to be attached to films and are not simply "suitable" for viewing, MPAA chairman Chris Dodd told theater owners at CinemaCon.

A "Check the Box" ratings campaign begins this month, with theatrical posters and televised public service announcements alerting parents that there's more in the ratings box than just the letter grade.

"We want parents to know what they're walking into," Dodd said.

Ratings dominated Tuesday's speeches by Dodd and John Fithian, head of the National Association of Theater Owners . Fithian said the change comes on the heels of a federal report that shows 75% of juveniles who tried to walk into an R-rated movie last year were stopped.

"We want four out of four,'' he said.

Fithian also called on studios to produce more PG-13 films. "I know it's cool to explore all of the things that you can (with an R rating). But audiences are telling us, 'We want more family films. 'So do we."

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