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Apr 15 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 04/15/13 -- For as long as the Internet has existed, businesses have faced online threats in the form of adverse reviews, defamatory headlines, and persistent consumer complaints -- but according to the most recent cost analysis reports, these reputational threats are growing increasingly prevalent, and increasingly costly. In a new statement to the press, Reputation Changer reveals the ever-burgeoning extent to which major brands are facing grave reputational threats.

"Our clients are telling us that online attacks are growing more numerous, and more severe -- and our own online reputation monitoring software confirms this," remarks President Michael Zammuto in the company's new press statement. "This trend is especially noteworthy when it comes to leading brands, including Fortune 100 companies. Many of these major business entities are finding their online reputations tarnished and defamed with dramatically increased frequency."

In fact, Zammuto reveals that Reputation Changer's reputation monitoring software indicates a staggering spike in the first quarter of 2013. "Our Command Center reveals that online attacks against Fortune 100 enterprises are up 51 percent in Q1," he affirms.

The problem that major businesses face is not just that their online attacks are becoming more numerous; they are also growing more costly. "According to the cost analysis, the damage done by an online attack -- and the cost of repairing a sullied reputation -- has never been higher," says Zammuto. "In other words, it has never been more urgent for brands to protect themselves from attacks -- to ward off these costly attacks before the damage is done."

Zammuto says that these attacks are becoming more plentiful because consumers are growing increasingly prone to taking to online review sites and social media portals to tarnish the products and services that they do not care for. "Additionally, more and more businesses are facing threats from their rival companies -- threats like doppelganger domains, defamatory blog posts, and fraudulent, negative reviews," he affirms.

The Reputation Changer President goes on to advocate reputational awareness. "The first takeaway for companies, especially major brands, is that it is utterly vital to make online reputation monitoring a priority," he says. "Businesses cannot afford to assume that they're impervious to online attacks, or to hope that their attacks will be few and far between. These most recent statistics indicate an across-the-board surge in online defamation, which makes online reputation monitoring a priority."

Zammuto says that it is important for companies to know about these attacks the second they appear, because this level of awareness can minimize the cost of these adverse online listings. "The longer an attack is out there, unchallenged, the more consumers will see it, the more traction the listing will gain within the search engines, and the more difficult it will prove to get rid of," he explains. "Again, our monitoring technology indicates that these attacks are growing increasingly costly, and one of the reasons for this is that some companies fail to address their attacks proactively -- which means those attacks are out there, poisoning the brand with each passing second."

The bottom line for Zammuto is that the online world is becoming more threatening to businesses all the time -- which makes online reputation management a critical concern. "Our cost analysis reports point to the basic conclusion that ORM is something businesses and brands simply cannot afford to ignore," he concludes.

ABOUT: was founded in 2009 by a group of direct response marketing professionals, who shared a singular vision for providing brands and individuals with greater control over their online portrayal. The company remains true to that vision, but has expanded dramatically in recent years; it now operates multiple offices throughout the company and employees a large team of committed ORM professionals, among them SEO gurus, content marketing aces, and social media specialists. Reputation Changer is led by President Michael Zammuto, and is widely praised as the #1 firm of its kind. The agency's client list encompasses businesses and individuals alike, among them Fortune 500 companies, political figures, celebrities, professional athletes, small businesses, and private citizens.

Source: Marketwire

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