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New Study Wins Attention of Personal Injury Attorney Michael Gopin, Reveals Data Regarding Auto Accident Prevention

Apr 1 2013 12:00AM



EL PASO, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 04/01/13 -- Although seatbelt use has remained a critical component of auto accident prevention, personal injury attorney Michael Gopin highlights a recent study that reveals drivers and passengers are still not making use of this life-saving device. A recent article published in Science Codex reveals an interesting trend in seatbelt usage across America. The information suggests that although most car accidents happen on low-speed, local roads, most people are only encouraged to use their seatbelts when traveling on high-speed thoroughfares.

According to the article, the data was collected through "an analysis of data from 100 instrumented vehicles reported in the January issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention." The study was comprehensive, as it detailed data aside from general seatbelt usage, collecting information regarding driver's age, gender, crash history, aggression and other driving variables. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) funded the research and found that 15 percent of drivers and front-seat passengers do not regularly use seatbelts.

As a personal injury attorney, Michael Gopin notes that although a majority of drivers may use a seatbelt, that 15 percent remains critical to preventing further accidents. In fact, in the article, the NHTSA suggests, "If drivers and front-seat passengers used seatbelts all the time, deaths from crashes would be reduced by 45 percent." While the study discovered many interesting findings regarding the patterns of seatbelt use, Gopin notes that the most critical point of interest was that people still are not recognizing the value of these life-saving devices.

In terms of legal circumstances, Gopin adds that seatbelt usage is also critical in determining liability in accidents. He explains, "Having represented clients in several personal injury claims regarding auto accidents, results are always more favorable for drivers who take precautions while driving. Those who fail to abide by the rules of the law while operating a vehicle may not only put their lives in danger, but might also fail to receive just compensation if they incur damages on the road." While the article addresses that the study has prompted plans for a more in-depth naturalistic study of seatbelt usage in the United States, Gopin hopes that the research will do more than assess behaviors and determine solutions to the problems. In the meantime, Michael Gopin encourages all drivers and passengers to use seatbelts -- no matter what the nature of the drive -- as it is crucial to overall on-road safety.


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Source: Marketwire

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