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Yahoo Telecommuting Ban Unnecessary and Regressive

March 7, 2013

Memo to Melissa Mayer @Yahoo:

Your new telecommuting ban is a setback for working moms. It will only sow resentment, not innovation.

Recently, Mayer announced that starting in June, all of Yahoo's workers will be required to work in the office. Her edict set off a firestorm of criticism and a long overdue debate about the benefits of working from home.

I'm worried that Yahoo's prominent decision will encourage other companies to follow suit. That would not be good for working parents, who depend on flexible arrangements to try to keep work and parenting in balance.

As a working mom and longtime teleworker, I'm offended at the suggestion that I and other parents who've found some semblance of balance in our work lives are less innovative or creative.

From the moment Mother Nature blessed me and my husband with twins, I've been innovating like crazy, trying to keep it all together.

That's why it's so galling to hear Mayer, whose salary the New York Times estimates will exceed $117 million in the next five years, scolding telecommuters for shirking their corporate duties. Mayer recently gave birth to her first child, and was at work back after two weeks; she had a nursery installed next to her office.

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, one in four U.S. workers logs in some time from home, though I understand that companies like Yahoo depend on some amount of face-to-face interaction to make that corporate magic happen.And Yahoo is struggling - hence the desperate effort to call in the troops. Of course, it's a good idea to make sure all workers (remote or in the office) are meeting their goals and contributing to the effort.

But an industry leader like Yahoo should be able to harness technology to keep its people connected. A blanket decision like the one the company just handed down prioritizes corporate culture while denigrating the need for family-friendly policies.

Ms. Mayer, I'm glad I don't work for you. And if you're wondering, I wrote this in my pajamas.



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