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The Athlete's Secret: Performance Enhancing Vegetables BeetElite(TM) Enhances Nitric Oxide Production, Improving Blood Flow and Endurance

Mar 5 2013 12:00AM



AUSTIN, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 03/05/13 -- While serious athletes and weekend warriors alike struggle to find that magic bullet to boost performance, recent studies indicate that a completely natural source -- beet juice -- can deliver impressive results. NeoGenis® Sport has incorporated its patented technology platform into the all-natural BeetElite NeoShot™, concentrated organic beetroot crystals formulated for improved sports performance.

Beets are one of the richest sources of dietary nitrate. The human body converts nitrate to nitrite to generate nitric oxide, the "miracle molecule." Nitric oxide is critical for physical health and performance -- it dilates blood vessels to improve circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the cardiovascular system and muscles. For athletes, this process helps improve performance, endurance, and recovery.

"Athletes understand that what they consume and when they consume it is as important as how they train," said Dr. John Ivy, Ph.D., professor emeritus of kinesiology and sports nutrition at the University of Texas. "BeetElite is one of the most effective pre-workout products on the market. It can be taken a half hour prior to exercise, and because it tests significantly higher in nitrate and nitrite than beet juice, we believe it will deliver impressive results."

While elite athletes have extolled the benefits of beet juice, consuming a sufficient amount to affect athletic performance has proven challenging. That is, until now. Unlike any other beetroot product, BeetElite is made from naturally superior organic beetroots and includes a natural form of nitrite, which enables BeetElite to work faster. When mixed with four ounces of water, BeetElite delivers the concentrated benefits of six beetroots in a single four-ounce shot. BeetElite's patented technology is designed to provide both fast- and long-acting nitric oxide benefits, improving blood flow for the duration of exercise. In addition, BeetElite™ is all-natural and vegan.

For more information about the science of BeetElite or to order product, visit us at

About Neogenis® Sport
Neogenis® Sport, like its parent company Neogenis Labs, was founded on the core values of groundbreaking scientific research and product innovation. We are singularly committed to bringing the power of Nitric Oxide to every athlete who seeks to perform at an elite level and to improve their overall health in the process.

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