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George Zimmerman Attorneys Due in Court Today

March 5, 2013

Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

Attorneys for George Zimmerman return to court at 9 a.m. today to ask a judge to order the state's most important witness, the young Miami woman who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin just before he was shot, to produce medical records.

They want to challenge her story that she could not attend Trayvon's funeral because she was in the hospital.

Zimmerman will not be in court.

The hearing starts at 9 a.m.

Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson is scheduled to hear arguments about three evidence disputes between the state and defense.

The most dramatic in the one about witness 8's medical records. Defense attorney Mark O'Mara wants the woman to produce all her medical records from the day of the shooting through April 30.

She's already got credibility problems. Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon's family, identified her as 16 years old when he played for reporters a recorded interview he conducted with her in March.

But she was 18 at the time and 19 now, O'Mara says.

During that interview by Crump, the woman said she had been on the phone with Trayvon and he said he was scared because a strange man was following him. She said she heard Trayvon and the man come face to face and heard them exchange a few words then the phone went dead.

Zimmerman shot him a short time later. He is charged with second-degree murder. He says he acted in self-defense.

O'Mara is trying to delve into the young woman's background and investigate her. He has already convinced the judge to allow him to subpoena her Twitter and Facebook accounts so he can read her posts.

The judge will also be asked today to decide whether to allow Zimmerman's attorneys access to surveillance camera video from two stores near the scene of the shooting and an apartment complex.

She'll also have to decide if the state has provided defense attorneys with enough information about the downloading of information and data from Trayvon's phone.

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