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Homeless Dental Clinic Applauded by Dr. Deepika Verma

Mar 4 2013 12:00AM



LEON, IA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/04/13 -- Dr. Deepika Verma is a dental professional who believes strongly in giving back to the community by providing superior services to her patients. As such, a recent article posted by NBC caught her attention, as it details the creation of a dental clinic for homeless members of the Madison, Wisconsin, community spearheaded by Lisa Bell, a graduate student who was researching the oral health of homeless individuals. Here, Dr. Verma responds to the article in a press statement and encourages other students to follow the example of Bell by filling the gaps in their industries.

The article explains that, in 2009, Bell, who is now a dental hygienist, opened the Madison Dental Initiative (MDI). Located at the local Salvation Army, the article reports that "MDI provides the homeless and those at high risk of being homeless with free dental care."

Bell explains the motivation behind the initiative: "This specific project was built to fill that need between those who can access dental care and those who simply cannot. For me, this is just a vision of what we thought could be, and the dental professionals of the Madison area have made it reality."

"I am so proud to see that other dental professionals are taking the idea of giving back to the community seriously," asserts Dr. Deepika Verma. "Oral health is an important part of overall wellbeing, but unfortunately many individuals do not have the resources necessary to see to it that their mouths are clean and healthy. This is why the work that Bell has done is so important -- it is bringing dental services to individuals who certainly need and deserve this work but simply cannot afford it on their own."

Dr. Verma goes on to challenge other students who are focusing on research in a certain subject area, not just dentistry, to identify a problem or gap in their field and create a proposal to fix it. In this way, she states, they can contribute to the growth of their chosen profession while also giving back to the community and, ultimately, the individuals who will most benefit from their services.


Dr. Deepika Verma pursued her dental education at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, where she earned her degree in 2009. Since graduating she has dedicated her time and energy to engaging in further advanced training in her profession. Due to her experience, she has the capacity to provide numerous general dentistry procedures to patients of all ages. Currently a member of the dental team at the Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa, Dr. Deepika Verma is devoted to assisting her patients achieve a higher degree of health. Dr. Deepika Verma looks forward to continuing to serve her patients and improving the wellbeing of the community.

Source: Marketwire