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Reputation Changer: Scam Allegations Prove Difficult for Companies to Erase

Mar 28 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 03/28/13 -- According to reputation defense firm Reputation Changer, scam allegations and accusations of misconduct can prove difficult for businesses to overcome -- particularly in the Age of Google. To illustrate this point, the company points to a recent article from The Age. The article cites a man who was arrested for drug possession at a Melbourne airport; more than a decade later, the man's arrest record remains the first piece of information to emerge when his name is Googled -- something that has made it difficult for him to find work. This anecdote has warranted a comment from Reputation Changer; the company has released a new statement to the press.

"This article correctly warns us that the Internet never forgets -- and clearly, that's something that has proven mightily disadvantageous for this man with the arrest record," comments Reputation Changer President Michael Zammuto. "With that said, it is important to note that the principles laid out in this article hold true not only for individuals, but for companies, as well -- and indeed, when something negative is said about a business or brand, it can haunt that company indefinitely."

This is particularly true when a company is accused of fraudulent or dishonest activity. "A scam allegation can be the kiss of death for many companies, regardless of whether that allegation has any truth to it," says Zammuto. "Those are the kinds of allegations that come up in Google and Bing searches and all but wreck a company's online reputation."

Zammuto explains that, as more and more consumers use online search engines to make their purchasing decisions, these online scam reports grow more damaging all the time. The consequences of scam allegations can include lost customers, lost revenues, and, in the end, a sharply diminished bottom line. "Online reputation is make-or-break for businesses and brands, and, because scam allegations can linger in the search engines for years or even decades, there is really no limit to the damage that can be done."

The Reputation Changer President says that there is, lamentably, nothing a company can do to remove these damaging online allegations -- but a company like Reputation Changer offers the next best thing: A chance to suppress those listings, making them all but invisible.

"There is no 'delete' key for the Internet, and as such there is no way that any company can ever totally make its negative listings or scam allegations go away," remarks Zammuto. "However, at Reputation Changer, we can offer businesses and brands methods for making those unwanted listings become virtual non-issues. We can push them out of the public eye through inundating the search engines with positive, brand-enhancing information about the companies in question."

Reputation Changer even offers proactive reputation management solutions. "Really, we are in the business of building brands," says Zammuto. "Even if your company has not experienced any of these unwanted Google listings or scam accusations, we can help build your company into a positive and authoritative online presence -- one that can weather any PR storms that might emerge in the future."

At Reputation Changer, scam reports and other negative listings are responded to swiftly and decisively.


Reputation Changer was founded in 2009, and since that time it has become known as the #1 company of its kind. Reputation Changer is widely heralded for its standard-setting practices and innovations in the field of online reputation monitoring and repair. Reputation Changer was founded by a team of direct response marketing professionals, and today, its team includes content marketing professionals, social media gurus, SEO experts, and account executives. Its clients, meanwhile, include businesses both big and small, as well as many individuals and even government bodies.

Source: Marketwire

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