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ELECTION 2014: Reputation Changer Ramps Up Smear-Suppression Services for Next Campaign Cycle

Mar 18 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 03/18/13 -- Political elections are often won or lost on the basis of a particular candidate's reputation -- and as such, online reputation management promises to play an increasingly prevalent role in American politics. One company, Reputation Changer, is already well underway with preparations for the next electoral season. Reputation Changer -- heralded by TopSEOs as the #1 reputation management firm in the world -- has recently opened a satellite office in Washington, D.C., primarily for use in supervising national accounts, political campaigns, and government contracts.

Reputation Changer has been steadily building its National Accounts division -- a department that offers services to celebrities, Fortune 500 brands, and extremely high-profile public figures, in addition to politicians and government bodies -- since last year. According to company president Michael Zammuto, political campaigning is poised to play an increasingly large role in the reputation management industry -- and vice versa. "We live in a world where information is increasingly accessible and instantaneous, in the form of Google search results, tweets, and online news headlines," comments Zammuto. "As such, it is growing incredibly vital for political figures and government bodies to manage and regulate the information that is making its way into the public eye -- both during and after election season."

Indeed, Zammuto notes that Reputation Changer has previously worked with numerous campaigning politicians, and currently provides its reputation management services to both governments and government officials. "We anticipate that online reputation management will become an even more significant part of the political process from here on out," Zammuto affirms. "As such, Reputation Changer is already looking forward to the next political season, in which we will be a major player." It is precisely because of this ambition that the company has expanded to D.C.

Zammuto notes that online reputation management has already proven itself to be a key component in winning political campaigns. "One need look no further than the two campaigns that got President Obama elected to the White House," Zammuto says. "Both campaigns prioritized online reputation management."

Zammuto elaborates, citing some of the specific online reputation management techniques implemented by the Obama campaign. "In the first campaign, in 2008, there was a site called Stop the Smears; in 2012, that site was re-directed to a new platform called," explains Zammuto. "Both sites were basically designed to alert the Obama campaign to acts of defamation against the candidate -- to online smears that they could seek to suppress or to refute. Tens of millions of dollars went into these smear-suppression initiatives."

That kind of thing is set to become increasingly pivotal to political campaigns, Zammuto notes, which is why Reputation Changer is already gearing up for the next electoral cycle. "Our company can provide government officials and political campaigners with what they really need, which is the ability to ward off reputational threats as they happen, in real time," he explains. "Our services are designed to help high-level clients refine and enhance their public image, to exercise control over their online portrayal, and to effectively shape the information that makes its way to the voting public. And again, this is absolutely how elections are won or lost."

The services Reputation Changer offers to political candidates and government officials include the boosting of positive content and the suppression of negatives. "In a nutshell, we seek to help government officials, and even entire governments, to present themselves in an appealing way, not just to voters but to the general public," Zammuto remarks.

The company is hardly unfamiliar with doing high-level reputation management work; Reputation Changer currently provides services to a number of public figures and big brands, as well as to government agencies and elected officials. With the opening of the Washington, D.C. office, however, Zammuto expects the company's government contracts and political campaign work to increase exponentially. "Reputation Changer is poised to become a key ally for government officials and government bodies, in the immediate future," he concludes.


Reputation Changer was founded in 2009 by a team of direct response marketing professionals, who shared a passion for providing companies and individuals with greater control over their online reputations. Today, is widely heralded as the top reputation defense company in existence; in fact, TopSEOs rated it the #1 online reputation management company in the world. Reputation Changer's team includes social media and SEO experts, Web developers and domestic journalists. The company's client base, meanwhile, includes Fortune 500 brands and small companies; public figures and private citizens; doctors, dentists, lawyers, financial planners, celebrities, and beyond. Reputation Changer also operated a satellite office in Washington, D.C., which is used to oversee political campaigns and government contract work.

Source: Marketwire

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