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Balance Is Important to an Exercise Routine, According to the Makers of Hydroxycut

Mar 18 2013 12:00AM



NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 03/18/13 -- The makers of Hydroxycut know that although the idea of working out seems simple enough, there are several nuances to consider when creating a new exercise schedule. For instance, individuals may find themselves wondering how much cardiovascular exercise they need and how often they should engage in resistance training. A recent article published by the Huffington Post reveals that the idea of balance is important in creating a strong workout routine, as engaging in both cardiovascular and strength training is essential in obtaining certain fitness-related goals. But this article also sheds light on the value of mental strength as it relates to fitness.

The author of the article explains that she realized the importance of a balance between different workout methods after attending a Pilates class: "Just three months ago, I would laugh at anyone who equated working out to taking a Pilates class. If I ever did take a Pilates class, I knew I would spend the entire class thinking about how I could've spent the time more effectively doing interval workouts on the treadmill. After struggling to keep up in a Pilates class, however, my perspective completely changed [...] I finally realized what I had been missing all these years -- it was time to rejuvenate my routine and expand my definition of fitness."

The article also points out that there is more to balance than simply cardiovascular and strength training, although these are the two modes of training that are most frequently recognized by traditional workout enthusiasts. She explains that the realization of mental balance was first introduced to her in a yoga class: "Before this class, I had assumed strength was merely measured by how much weight you could lift. However, after watching my peers dive into a plank and support their bodies less than half an inch off the floor with seemingly minimal effort, I realized holding that position was a testament not only to upper body strength but also mental strength."

The makers of Hydroxycut understand that creating a well-rounded exercise routine is not easy; however, they encourage individuals who are looking to lose weight to attempt to strike the balance necessary by incorporating cardiovascular, strength, and mental exercises into their workout schedules.


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Source: Marketwire

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