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Big Data Coming to the HR World, Predicts HR Comp

Mar 12 2013 12:00AM



POWELL, TN -- (Marketwire) -- 03/12/13 -- HR Comp asserts that Big Data will soon improve the HR functions of many companies, as it is becoming increasingly prevalent in the business world. Explained by a recent article published by Forbes, Big Data is a new way to take a look at old questions, such as why certain employees are successful and which job candidate will perform the best in a given position. Here, HR Comp explains that Big Data can prove incredibly valuable in helping employers to hire the right candidates and, as a result, improve the efficiency of their operations.

The article succinctly explains Big Data: "How well do organizations truly understand what drives performance among their workforce? The answer: not really very well. Do we know why one sales person outperforms his peers? Do we understand why certain leaders thrive and others flame out? Can we accurately predict whether a candidate will really perform well in our organization?

"The answer to most of these questions is no. The vast majority of hiring, management, promotion, and rewards decisions are made on gut feel, personal experience, and corporate belief systems [...] Most companies have lots and lots of HR data (employee demographics, performance ratings, talent mobility data, training completed, age, academic history, etc.) but they are in no position to use it." Big Data is the interpretation of these details and the ability to leverage the information that they provide in a positive way in the workplace.

"Hiring new employees based on gut feeling or limited personal experience undoubtedly leads to employee turnover and unnecessary time and financial expenditures," asserts a representative from HR Comp. "There are better and more efficient ways to analyze potential employees, helping you to put more focus on running your business."

HR Comp encourages HR organizations and departments to consider the many ways in which Big Data could streamline their efficiencies and, ultimately, improve the bottom line of their business. Hiring, in particular, is an area in which this more analytically-based decision making process can serve to enhance current procedures and create a great deal of value for the businesses that implement it. As the article states, the companies often already have the data they need -- they just have to interpret it and decide how to best leverage the information that it provides.


HR Comp, based in Powell, Tennessee, is a professional employer organization (PEO) that offers its clients logistic solutions ranging from human resources administration to employee management. The services that the specialists at this company provide encompass: employee audits, risk management, safety training, direct deposit, tax forms, compliance, time and attendance, staffing, insurance coverage, Web-based scheduling, safety inspections, drug testing, file maintenance, payroll, and more. The professionals at HR Comp are able to assess and meet the requirements of small to medium businesses and are committed to successfully integrating their solutions with client organizations.

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Source: Marketwire

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