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Philanthropist Avram Freedberg Encourages Creative Charity Drives

Mar 11 2013 12:00AM



PORT CHESTER, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 03/11/13 -- Avram Freedberg is a strong supporter of charitable activity, as he believes that giving back to the community is an important responsibility held by individuals who have achieved success. As such, a recent article posted by CNN chronicling the charitable shaving of Alex Castellanos' facial hair caught his attention. The article explains that Castellanos agreed to shave his mustache if 500 donors contributed to Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, a cause that he strongly supports. Through his efforts to raise awareness, the organization gained 524 new donors and ultimately raised over $115,000. Castellanos followed through with his promise and shaved his mustache. Freedberg believes that this is a wonderful example of a creative way in which individuals can call attention to causes that they believe in without having to spend money -- which many people simply cannot afford in today's economy.

The article explains that this particular bet was inspired by David Axelrod, who also shaved his mustache for charity: "Before the election, Axelrod bet his facial hair that Obama would win Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania in the presidential election -- states some Republicans suggested they could make competitive.

"Obama won each of those states as many political watchers expected, so Axelrod extended the bet: he would shave if $1 million was donated to the epilepsy group."

When explaining his bet in December of 2012, Castellanos called attention to the fact that, no matter what their political orientation, individuals can work together to raise awareness about important causes: "We're going to show that bipartisanship does live in Washington still and we'll get rid of this mustache. David and I do have a lot in common."

Sacrificing his mustache may seem insignificant for some people, but Castellanos had grown his facial hair for 40 years. As such, he donated something that was very important to him to a cause that he believes is even more valuable.

Freedberg applauds the actions of Axelrod and Castellanos and encourages other individuals to use the same creative thinking when engaging in philanthropic work.

"This shows another of the myriad of ways in which one can help raise money without making a cash donation," comments Avram Freedberg. "Just like the many people who have given their own hair for wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy."

Freedberg understands that, given current economic situations, not all individuals can afford to make a donation to a cause; however, he reminds individuals that they do not necessarily have to spend money to raise it for charity, as Axelrod and Castellanos have demonstrated.


Founder and President of National Collector's Mint, Avram Freedberg established the company in 1991 and continues to lead it in its expansion. A coin and collectibles business, the company is a strong supporter of charitable work. On behalf of the organization, Avram Freedberg has donated more than $2 million to numerous charitable causes and looks forward to continuing to use his resources to promote these organizations. Avram Freedberg motivates his employees, fellow business owners, and other individuals to support the causes about which they are passionate.

Source: Marketwire

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