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Tips for Cleaning Dentures Offered by Dr. Deepika Verma

Feb 28 2013 12:00AM



LEON, IA -- (Marketwire) -- 02/28/13 -- Dr. Deepika Verma has provided dentures to numerous patients and has, as a result, quite a bit of experience in teaching individuals how to properly care for these dental prosthetics. A recent article posted by Dental Health Magazine on provides tips for cleaning dentures that can assist individuals in maintaining a high degree of dental hygiene. Dr. Verma encourages individuals who have dentures to implement these tips in an effort to improve their oral health.

The article asserts that dentures should be brushed with soft bristles and warm water. Additionally, individuals should use a specialized denture cleaning formula as opposed to traditional toothpaste; however, it is important to clean these prosthetics daily, as if they were real teeth, to keep bacteria from causing medical complications in the gums and other periodontal tissue.

While daily cleanings are important, the article also asserts that regular professional cleanings are imperative to maintaining dentures. This entails taking the dentures to a dentist for cleaning and polishing. During this procedure, dentists can remove stains and deposits that brushing cannot. Professional cleanings will also keep the prosthetic looking bright and shiny, allowing individuals to maintain appealing smiles.

Dr. Deepika Verma encourages her patients to keep these tips in mind when caring for their dentures: "Dentures are prosthetics that I recommend my patients to see as an extension of their bodies. While they aren't natural teeth, dentures are the teeth that individuals who wear them show to the world. As such, they are an important part of first impressions and other appearance-based factors. I want all of my patients to be happy with their smiles, and maintaining a proper cleaning routine for dentures is an important part of keeping a healthy looking image."

Dr. Verma also encourages her patients to continue to schedule regular dental examinations even after adopting dentures. While the teeth of an individual who wears these prosthetics may no longer be of concern, their mouths are still vulnerable to periodontal disease and other medical issues. As such, it is important that patients who wear dentures maintain their annual examinations to ensure an optimal level of oral health. Dr. Verma recommends that any individuals who have questions about the care or maintenance of their dentures contact their dental professionals.


Dr. Deepika Verma completed her dental education at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, from which she graduated in 2009. Since earning her degree she has devoted her time and energy to completing additional training in her industry. Because of her experience, she has the ability to offer a long list of general dentistry procedures to patients of all ages. Currently part of the dental team at the Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa, Dr. Deepika Verma is committed to helping her patients obtain a higher degree of health. Dr. Deepika Verma anticipates continuing to serve her patients and improving the wellbeing of the community.

Source: Marketwire

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