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Dr. Deepika Verma Considers Impact of Affordable Care Act on Dental Field

Feb 26 2013 12:00AM



LEON, IA -- (Marketwire) -- 02/26/13 -- Dr. Deepika Verma, a dental professional, has taken a keen interest in the way in which the Affordable Care Act may impact the insurance coverage of the American population. One of the key successes of the Act is that it will provide dental coverage to a large number of children who are not insured. According to an article posted on, an estimated 5.3 million kids will gain coverage by the year 2014 due to this legislation. But the article questions whether or not this will settle out to an overall gain in insurance coverage for the population, as "up to 11 million adults could drop their own dental coverage when their children are covered separately, according to the National Association of Dental Plans."

The article explains that, due to the collective manner in which dental coverage is sold, parents often purchase their own coverage in an effort to secure benefits for their children. But because dental and medical insurance plans are separate from one another, it is possible that parents will drop their own coverage when their children receive the benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act.

Evelyn Ireland, of the National Association of Dental Plans, explains: "Our studies show that when children's coverage is separated from their parents [sic] in the small group market, as many as half of the parents that are currently insured may drop their dental coverage for economic reasons. We're looking at potentially 10 to 12 million adults who may drop coverage because they can get their children covered separately. So they may decide to get their kids' teeth fixed instead. And studies show if adults don't have coverage, they don't go to the dentist as often."

Dr. Deepika Verma believes that this is a difficult situation to navigate, as it is the goal to cover as many people as possible yet it seems that doing so is not feasible in this particular situation. "With the economy as it is now, the simple truth is that not all parents can afford coverage for their kids," Dr. Verma asserts. "Once children have benefits through the Affordable Care Act, parents may have to, financially, drop the dental coverage that they have maintained in an effort to keep their kids in good health. It is unfortunate, but I hope that as the economy continues to heal parents will be faced with such difficult decisions less frequently."


Dr. Deepika Verma graduated from the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2009 and has since dedicated her time and energy to accumulating additional advanced training in her field. Through her experience, she has developed the ability to provide a wide range of general dentistry services to patients of all ages. Currently a part of the dental team at the Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa, Dr. Deepika Verma is devoted to assisting her patients in achieving a higher degree of health. Dr. Deepika Verma looks forward to continuing to serve her patients and helping to improve the wellbeing of the community through her work.

Source: Marketwire

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